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Why Do We Need Preservatives in Our Personal Care Items?


By James Kennedy

Most people store their personal care products such as lotions and shampoos in the bathroom, which is a warm, wet environment – just the kind of place bacteria thrive.

Skincare companies use preservatives – ingredients that combat contaminating bacteria – in their products because without those preservatives our toothpastes and face creams would become over-run with contamination and would cause dangerous skin infections, allergies and sensitivities. Some of these products are used for many months after they’re first opened, giving bacteria plenty of time to thrive and replicate. But preservatives in these products, at the right levels, keep us safe by preventing bacterial contamination and decay.

James Kennedy is an Australian science teacher and a chemical safety expert with over five years of experience advocating for a rational approach to public chemical safety. James Kennedy has provided permission for the use of this content for HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®.

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