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12 Time Management Tips for Weekend Warriors


By Lauren Noelle Gauthier

You can’t bring your A game to whatever your main event is on the weekend if you skip weekday workouts. Skimping on weekday workouts leaves muscles stiff and poorly conditioned for weekend performance, meaning not only are you less likely to perform the way you want, you’re also more likely to get injured in the pursuit of weekend excellence. 

Time management tips for weekend warriors

Here are 12 time-management tips you can practice during the week to prep for those weekend pursuits – training for a half marathon, doing an obstacle course run, playing basketball with friends, trying a new activity – when you already have a busy life, and possibly a family. 

1. Complete the MOST important tasks first in your day and week. The golden rule of time management, doing this can keep you on track for a lifetime. If exercising is at the top of your list, make time for it sooner in your week, rather than later.

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2. Take the first 10 minutes of every day to plan out your day. By setting goals early in the day, you’ll be more committed to making them happen.

3. Focus on what you DO have time for, not the things you don’t. We’ve probably all moaned and complained about never having enough hours in the day, but that brings you negative energy and doesn’t accomplish anything in the long run. Think about all the realistic things you CAN get done in just one day.

4. Schedule your workouts (even 7-minute ones!) on your calendar. By putting your workout, training sessions or meditations on the books, you can plan around them and look forward to them all week long.  

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5. Take mini breaks throughout your day. Even if you’ve only got a few minutes, getting up from your desk to take a five-minute walk every hour can keep you feeling energized and with greater focus throughout the day.

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6. Block out the digital distractions. If you’re in the middle of a great workout, practice not answering the phone just because it's ringing or emails just because they show up. Your health is more important.

7. Learn to say the dreaded word, “NO.” Sometimes we spread ourselves too thin and make too many commitments we don’t have time for. Deciding between exercise or movie? Focus on your end goal.

8. Have a spouse, partner or friend take the kids while you train. Practice the buddy system or tag team, and have your partner take the kids on those days when you really need to get a workout in. And be prepared to offer the same support in kind! 

9. End your working day at a fixed time. Leaving work on time (and not 30 minutes later) brings you consistency and allows you to commit to your after-work workouts. 

10. Re-think why you’re procrastinating. If you’re procrastinating, rather than getting frustrated or annoyed, simply ask yourself why you are procrastinating. Is the physical workout ahead too difficult, too easy or boring? Vary your activities periodically, whether it’s a new workout routine or a new running route.

11. Take lengthy breaks away from work during the week (1 hour or more). Clearing your mind from work and focusing on your other important things in your life like family, health or travels, can help you recharge, refocus and stay positive, productive and committed long-term.

12. Sleep more! Enough said.

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