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How to Reinvent Yourself this New Year


A new year means a fresh start! But reinventing yourself doesn’t happen overnight: Positive changes start with single steps. Consider small shifts you can take to make a big difference in the coming New Year.

6 Steps to Reinvent Yourself this New Year

Step into your closet

Have that nothing-to-wear feeling? Sometimes adding one fresh new outfit makes the rest of your wardrobe fall into place. But you’ve got to be able to find it, so don’t let your closet become too crowded. Consider donating and replacing one pair of pants, one pair of shoes, and one top. Bonus points if each of them coordinate with two other items you already own.

Step up your career

You’re happy in your job? Excellent! But even so, keeping your resume up-to-date and ready to go is a smart way to know your skill set and focus in on any weak spots. Keep a copy of your resume on your desktop and tweak when it comes to mind. Someday, you’ll be glad you did.

Step off your diet

Overwhelmed at the thought of weight loss? Can’t think straight when you look at a month’s worth of healthy recipes? Just start at your next meal: Cut out one food you know you shouldn’t be eating – think soda or potato chips. Or get down to the ingredient level – replacing sugar with a no-calorie sweetener is an easy place to start. You won’t feel denied if it’s just one thing – and sometimes that can make all the difference.

Step up the decor

You’ve probably got a dozen home improvement projects on your to-do list. But there’s something you can do today that won’t cost a dime, and even kicks your DIY muscles into gear: Simply move around the furniture in a single room. That’s right – don’t replace it or fix it, just move it. Shifting things, literally, can get your creative juices flowing.

Step out of bad habits

Everyone’s got ‘em. The first step is to name yours – whether it’s always running late, nail biting, even cracking your knuckles. Then work to fall out of the habit – either by distracting yourself from it (meditation, diversion) or gently reprimanding yourself. (Try the old rubber-band-on-wrist trick – snap it when the habit crops up.) Bad habits are hard to break – but you can do it.

Take steps with deadlines

Write a novel! Plant a garden! Pie-in-the-sky aspirations can feel inspiring – or intimidating. Start with just one achievable, take-action goal, and give yourself a defined time-frame to complete it. Think like a marathon trainer – once you know when race day is, take incremental steps until you get there. Once one goal is complete, you’ll feel so good you may start looking forward to the next one.

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