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DIY Paper Holiday Wreath


By Joy Cho of Oh Joy! Joy Cho is a paid spokesperson for HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®

‘Tis the season for wrapping gifts! I always have a ton of wrapping paper left over during the holidays, so we wanted to figure out a way to make use of those extra scraps from a past wrap session. So we combined it with one of my favorite holiday décor pieces—a cheerful wreath. Here’s an easy-to-make paper wreath that can last all season long on your front door, over the mantle, or any place that could use some holiday cheer. You’ll simply use our template (download here) and your favorite wrapping paper to make your own custom wreath that suits your favorite colors or your home’s décor. Here’s how…

Oh Joy! Holiday Wreath

You’ll need:
-our template
-foam core
-wrapping paper
-solid cardstock
-craft knife and scissor
-double-sided tape or glue

Oh Joy Holiday DIY Wreath

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Here’s how:

Use our template (download here), prined on wrapping paper sheets or solid colored paper fed through your printer. (If the paper is thin, mount on a thicker paper/card stock before feeding through the printer.). If you are incorporating patterns like we did, I recommend having a base layer of solid colors so that the wreath doesn’t get too busy. Cut out a base “wreath” out of foam core. It’s basically an “O” shape which can be made to whatever size you want. The bigger your wreath is, the more shapes you’ll need. This one is 12 inches in diameter.

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Oh Joy! Holiday Wreath

Place the shapes on the base and layer them placing the larger and solid pieces down first and then the smaller, patterned pieces on top. You can play with this and arrange the pieces however you want. Finally, when you’re done, hang the wreath on a hook and let it welcome your guests to set the festive mood the moment they arrive.

Oh Joy! Holiday Wreath

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Joy Cho is a paid spokesperson for HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®

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