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Prepare for a Great Beach Day!


From Oh Joy!

One thing that I always find when coming back to our home base after playing in the water or wandering off to find sea shells: It can be tricky to find your spot. Especially on a busy weekend when the beach is full of families. When Ruby is playing with her friends not too far away, I always want to make sure she knows exactly where we are. So, we created this beach marker with a few simple materials so that we all (kids and grown-ups, too) could easily find our way back, whether it was to take a nap, reapply sunscreen or take care of a boo-boo from a pretty, but sharp, shell.

You'll need:

  • Polystrene Foam ball (we used a 10-inch ball)
  • 1-inch gaffer tape (we used neon pink, neon yellow, and neon orange)
  • 1-inch x 48-inch round poplar dowel
  • neon-pink spray paint
  • fabric (we used mint and gold faux leather)
  • BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages featuring Oh Joy! and NEOSPORIN® Plus Pain Relief (for accidental nicks while crafting!)

Here’s how:

DIY Beach Marker

Then, to make the tassels:

  • Cut 1-inch strips of fabric to your desired length.
  • Fold the strips in half and use a wire to secure the tassels to the dowel. We covered the wire with an extra piece of fabric to create a band around the tassel and dowel to make it more decorative.

Stick it in the sand during your next beach outing, and you’ll have no problem finding your home base when coming back from anywhere on the beach!

DIY Beach Marker

We also make sure to be prepared for any beach boo-boos that occur with our First Aid Kit by Oh Joy!. Filled with all the essentials like sunscreen, NEOSPORIN® Plus Pain Relief, BAND-AID® Brand WATER BLOCK™ Clear Bandages and everything in between, it’s ready for a day of fun and adventure!

P.S. Share your photos of your new first-aid products by Oh Joy! Using the hashtag #OhJoyToTheRescue!

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