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Mom Me-Time Tips: 5 Ways for Moms to Recharge


 5 Ideas for Mom to Recharge

It’s no secret that moms often feel like most of their free time is spent on their kids. For dedicated mothers, finding opportunities to unwind and knowing when to ask for a break can be challenging. But seasoned mothers know the importance of guilt-free me-time – a kid-free break can help moms relax and recharge. Whether it's Mother's Day or simply a Saturday, here’s how moms like you can unplug and unwind.

 5 Ideas for Mom to Recharge

1. Go Out with the Girls
Kid-free bonding time with a few close pals is good for the soul. Whether meeting up with your best friend for a coffee date, organizing a group happy hour or getting together with a sewing buddy to work on a project, this adults-only social time will be a welcome respite from kid-focused activities.

5 Ideas for Mom to Recharge

2. Learn Something
Women don't have to forsake their hobbies when they become moms. When you’ve forgotten what it's like to do something for yourself, it's time to pursue interests outside of motherhood. You can take a pottery class, rediscover your love of watercolor painting or finally teach yourself how to use that graphic design software program. Participating in a favorite hobby is an easy way to feel energized.

5 Ideas for Mom to Recharge

3. Make Time for Exercise
If your only form of exercise entails chasing the kids through the mall, it's time for an adult-oriented fitness session. You can sign up for the yoga class that you’ve been too busy to try, check out a barre class, or take to the open road on bike or on foot without any kids in tow.

5 Ideas for Mom to Recharge

4. Visit the Salon or Spa
Beauty routines often take a hit when women welcome kids into their life. When you can't remember the last time your roots were touched up or your toes were polished, enjoy some relaxing me-time at a favorite salon or spa. A new look also provides a boost of self-confidence

5 Ideas for Mom to Recharge

5. Create a Quiet Space at Home
Create a special space at home, one that isn't overrun with toys. Whether you take a relaxing bubble bath in the master bathroom while listening to soothing music or curl up in a cozy chair in a reading nook in the bedroom, be sure to recharge with some me-time at home, too.

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