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Play tips powered by KaBOOM!


BAND-AID® Brand and NEOSPORIN® Brand understand that the ability to play, create and discover is crucial to development during all stages of life. Our brands provide the tools to get out there and tackle new adventures — and to treat the inevitable mishaps that happen along the way. That’s why we’re partnering with KaBOOM! for the #PlayOn campaign dedicated to giving all kids the childhood they deserve, filled with balanced and active play, so they can thrive.

Tips for playing with kids

The Importance of Play & Exercise for Kids

  • Active Bodies: Play activities for kids get children up and running around, developing motor skills and coordination, and building healthy bodies—and habits—for life.
  • Active Minds: Play activities help children create, explore, solve, and imagine—which helps their brain develop, builds important creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and contributes to emotional well-being.
  • Active Together:  Play brings friends together and families together, teaching kids how to interact as part of a group, resolving conflicts, and strengthening bonds.

Tips for Playing With Kids

  • Establish regular play times.
  • Give your child your undivided attention.
  • Get down to your child's level.
  • Embrace repetition. It may be boring to you, but it's not to your child.
  • Let your children take the lead.
  • Don't force play or try to prolong a game.
  • Make play age-appropriate and consider safety.


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