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3 Healthy Ways to Whiten Your Teeth


It happens – you look in the mirror one day and realize your teeth aren’t as white and pearly as they used to be. That’s because as you age, so do your teeth. Natural aging, wear and tear – not to mention coffee-drinking – can add up, and may result in surface-level staining.

Healthy ways to whiten teeth

But you can do something about it. There are numerous whitening products available that can return that pearly white to tarnished teeth. There are other options, too: teeth whitening procedures that can be done via in-office dental services, prescription solutions and over-the-counter options are all options that can help.

Among the over-the-counter solutions, the three predominant options are:

  1. Teeth-Whitening Toothpaste: a daily-use toothpaste help remove surface stains and keep a consistently bright smile.  
  2. Multi-application Whiteners: a peroxide-based formula penetrates deeply within teeth offering a gradual change noteworthy results within 7-14 days.
  3. Single-application Whiteners: a one-time peroxide treatment that offers a single deep bleach usually over the course of two hours.

Deciding between these options is just a question of how quickly you wish to see results, but certainly each solution will get you closer to the pearly whites you want to make a confident first impression wherever you go.

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