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Build a Sports First Aid Kit


Sports keep our kids active while teaching them leadership, problem solving, teamwork, and countless other practical lessons to last a lifetime. Sounds like the perfect after-school activity, right? Well, there is one catch: Virtually every sport carries with it the risk of injury — whether from contact-related trauma, or simple overuse and repetitive stress. But don’t let injuries scare you away from involving your kids in sports. With the right preparation, you can help make sure that minor injuries are treated quickly, so your kids don’t miss out on all that sports have to offer. Be sure to talk to your child’s doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

#1 Practice first aid
You’ve heard that practice makes perfect, but you probably haven’t heard this: 62 percent of organized sports-related injuries happen during practice. And since an untreated injury acquired at practice can keep a player from stepping foot on the field during the big game, you’ll want to do everything you can to treat minor injuries and strains both quickly and effectively. Consider keeping these products on hand:

#2 Time out for cuts and scrapes
Childhood sports injuries aren’t limited to just strains and sprains – any soccer parent can tell you that cuts and scrapes are plenty common too. And while that unintentional foul might be remedied on the field by a free kick, just as essential is to properly  clean, treat, and cover cuts, scrapes and field rash. Be ready with:

 #3 Respect the sweat
If she’s going to stick that landing, she’s going to need a bandage that sticks just as well—even if she sweats. The fact is, bodies in motion need waterproof protection that won’t hang loose after the first couple laps (or leaps). Keep wounds covered in any condition with supplies like:

 #4 Post game wrap-up
When the final whistle blows, your hard-charging player needs more than just a pat on the back — they also deserve thoughtful care for minor injuries and useful items for any minor injuries or pain from their activities. Consider keeping the following on hand: 

A well-equipped first-aid kit will make you ready to help your player rebound quickly from any minor injury or mishap that may come out of left field. Now, get out there and enjoy the game!

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