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How to Build Your Own Family First Aid Kit


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Accidents can happen anywhere, including the home. Don’t just be prepared – use this first-aid kit activity as a learning opportunity for your kids. Help them think through the different emergency situations that can happen in the house, and the tools and first-aid supplies they would need to be prepared.


  1. Index Cards
  2. Markers
  3. Notebook
  4. Pen
  5. Container to hold first aid supplies
  6. First-aid supplies

Building a Family First-Aid Kit:

  1. Assign an index card for each type of emergency that could happen (burns, bites, breaks, nosebleeds, cuts, stings, etc.)
  2. Think about and ask your family what first-aid supplies would be most helpful to treat emergencies. Ask questions like: “When was the last time you got hurt?”, “What were you doing when you got hurt?”, “How did you treat the injury?” and “What did you wish you had with you when it happened?”
  3. Review your notes. What kinds of emergencies do you need to prepare for? On each index card, write down what items should be in a first aid kit for that type of emergency.
  4. Build your family first-aid kit! First, notice what supplies you have at home and put them aside for your kit. Make a shopping list of the supplies you still need.
  5. Sort the cards into two piles: “injuries we might get” and “injuries we probably won’t get.” Rank the injuries from most likely to least likely in each pile.
  6. Put the cards into a folder you can easily find. This will be your first aid book the whole family will refer to!
  7. Have a family meeting to discuss each section of your new custom first aid kit, where it will live, and what to do in case of an emergency. Feel free to add pictures or decorate the kit to make it easy to find.

For more tips and activities for your family, visit to download the Spring Activity Guide.

Build Your Own First Aid Kit

Build Your Own First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen anywhere. Be prepared with customizable DIY first-aid kits for the home, for travel and for babies' particular needs.