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6 Tips to Help Your Teen Treat Their Acne


By Heather Delaney Reese, It’s a Lovely Life. Heather Delaney Reese is a paid spokesperson for HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®

Tips for teen acne

Acne is one of the unavoidable joys of growing up for most teens. And it feels like breakouts always happen at the worst times, too – I remember that from my own teen years.

Once my daughters entered their own teenage years, I knew it was time to have the oh-so-exciting, and very necessary talk about breakouts – and how to take care of their skin when they inevitably have to deal with acne. So, I made it very clear to them that acne is a normal part of teenage skin, but that there were things we could do to keep skin healthy and help prevent breakouts. I also made sure they know how to treat them when breakouts do happen.

These are the six tips that I shared with my own kids about how to deal with acne:

  1. Wash your face morning and night. A clean face is a happy face! The best times to wash your face are as soon as you wake up and right before bed to remove any pore-clogging impurities.
  2. Don’t pick at your skin! Nothing gets better when it is picked at, including your skin. This is a hard one to stay on top of, but it’s one of the most important tips to remember to avoid potential scarring.
  3. Avoid touching your face, but if you do, be sure wash your hands before doing so. Although you may not see them, your hands carry different kinds of bacteria and germs. The best way to keep them away from your facial skin is by washing your hands to keep your skin healthy!
  4. Moisturize! Both of my grandmothers had beautiful, healthy skin and both were big on moisturizing. Be sure to moisturize at least once a day. I encourage my daughters to moisturize their skin right after they wash their face in the morning and in the evening, too, if possible.
  5. Keep a clean towel with you while playing sports. Because breakouts occur when pores are clogged and irritated, it’s important to keep sweat away from them, too. Having a clean towel by your side can help do just that until you’re home and can wash your face.
  6. Wear sunblock. This goes without saying, but healthy skin is skin that isn't damaged by the sun. Always wear your sunblock even if it is cloudy outside. If you don’t have sunblock on hand, a hat will do.

Treatments for teen acne

Even the most cared for skin can still get the occasional acne breakout. That’s just life as a teenager. The good news is that there is help available! When breakouts happen, I keep CLEAN & CLEAR ADVANTAGE® ACNE SPOT TREATMENT on hand. Before my girls even experienced breakouts, I explained how this medication works to clear pimples quickly thanks to the maximum strength two-percent Salicylic acid. The powerful gel with breakthrough technology starts to dissolve surface oil on the skin and makes the pimples reduce in size, along with the swelling and redness. Plus it won’t over-dry their skin.


The most important thing to remember as a parent is to make sure that our teens know we are there to help if they have an acne breakout. And it’s never too early to start that conversation! In fact, talking to them before breakouts occur is a great way to prepare them for the future and to create healthy skin care habits early.

Heather Delaney Reese is a paid spokesperson for HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®



CLEAN & CLEAR ADVANTAGE® Acne Control Kit comes complete with new formulations to help prevent and fight acne breakouts without overdrying skin.

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