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6 Things that Cause Dry Skin


Ready to transform irritated, dry skin back into healthy-looking, supple skin? Read on to find out the factors that cause dryness and how you can replenish your skin’s vital moisture. Several factors can cause skin to lose moisture:


Frequent showering or bathing with hot water

Contrary to popular belief, wetting skin doesn’t always make it more moist—over time it can cause moisture to escape from the epidermis. What’s more, the hotter the water temperature, the more it washes off protective lipids and increases the ability of irritants in your cleanser to penetrate the skin.

Tip: Take shorter showers or baths and use warm water instead of hot.


Lathering up with harsh soaps that contain dyes and fragrances

The detergent in harsh soap can strip skin of its natural oils, while the dyes and fragrances can irritate dry skin.             

TIP: Wash with a mild cleanser that gently softens and conditions—to minimize stripping skin of its natural moisture.


Using hand sanitizer

While the alcohol in hand sanitizers kills germs, it can be very drying to skin. Repeated use can make hands rough and dry.

TIP: If you use hand sanitizer, look for one with a built-in moisturizer.



During the winter months, cold, dry air outside and warm, dry indoor heating can deplete skin’s moisture.

TIP: Avoid over-heating your home during cold months.


Sun Damage

Unprotected exposure to UV rays can break down skin’s natural barrier and can further reduce skin’s ability to retain moisture.

TIP: Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen when you plan to be outdoors.



Skin’s water content and natural oils decrease with age.

TIP: Use an intensive moisturizer—like a hand cream—on any area where skin is extremely dry (such as elbows, knees, even lips). Apply at bedtime for overnight dry skin repair.