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It’s important for kids of all ages to get enough exercise to help prevent childhood obesity.

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We picked the brains of these MLS stars to find their secret talents, most embarrassing moments and their hopes for soccer in the U.S.

See how Care United infuses the passion and vibrancy of soccer into the healthy lives of our customers.
Build Your Own First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen anywhere. Be prepared with customizable DIY first-aid kits for the home, for travel and for babies' particular needs.

Kids playing sports should drink 10 gulps of water for every20 minutes of activity. See what counts as a gulp...

Learn about our partnership and commitment to the great family sport of soccer

Eh Bee Family Bucket Challenge

Ready to unplug and challenge them back? Be prepared by building your own...

Help protect yourself against skin cancer with adequate sun protection and early detection.

Parent prep tips for kids who play soccer

Shuttling kids to different sports activities means always being prepared with the right must-haves with you at all times.

Have your kids’ coaches had sports safety training? You may overlook this and six other precautions...
Sunscreen vs Sunblock

Wondering what the difference is? Both protect your skin from the sun, but they work in different ways. Learn the advantages of each.