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Young woman with headache

How to Treat Headaches in Children

Headaches are one of the three most common symptoms pediatricians see for recurring pain. These tips can help you relieve your little one's pain.

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Recipe for delicious breakfast potatoes

Complete Your Holiday Brunch with These Scrumptious, Make-Ahead Breakfast Potatoes

Erin Loechner share her recipe for the tastiest, easiest slow-cooker breakfast potatoes around.

Prescription medication

Cleaning Out Your Home Medicine Cabinet: Safe Medication Storage & Disposal

It's important to periodically check your medicine cabinet for products that may have expired. Here's what to do if you find some.

Maria Sierra apple crumble recipe

Quick and Easy Apple Crumble Recipe for the Holidays

This delicious apple crumble will warm you in the cold winter months, but it's great any time of year!



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9 Things to Know About the Flu

How to Know if You Have the Flu or a Cold

Differences between a cold and the flu, and tips to prevent the flu and manage its symptoms.

Southern mashed potatoes recipe

Refresh Your Holiday Menu with these Amazing Southern Mashed Potatoes

You'll thank blogger Laura Fuentes for this creamy, delicious recipe.

Plate with holiday dinner food

How to Avoid Holiday Indigestion

This year, enjoy your favorite foods without the discomfort. Here's how.

Creative Thanksgiving Recipes

5 Thanksgiving Favorites: Updated!

Ready to spice up your traditional menu? Give these recipes a try.

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