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Fall Hiking Guide from the ZYRTEC® Brand

Gear Up for Fall Hikes

Start planning your autumn adventures with this guide from the ZYRTEC® Brand. One tip? Hit the gym now to build up endurance.


5 Tips for Fighting Puffiness

There's help for your nagging allergy symptoms. Get ideas for relief from the ZYRTEC® Brand.

How to grow pizza toppings in your garden

How to Grow a Pizza Toppings Garden

There's nothing tastier than pizza —and even better than homemade is home grown. Learn how to do it.

How to beat the afternoon slump

How to Re-energize in the Middle of the Day

Find healthy, natural ways to beat that afternoon slump and finish the work day strong.

How to Host a Progressive Dinner Party for the Holidays

How to Host a Progressive Dinner Party for the Holidays

Even if you have a busy holiday season ahead of you, it's worth carving out quality time to celebrate with friends and family. You can avoid the mess and stress of hosting a big party yourself by collaborating with a few friends to plan a progressive dinner party. Click through to learn how!

Refresh Your Routine for the Back-to-School Season

Refresh Your Routine for the Back-to-School Season

Whether you're just getting into the new school year or it's already in full swing, find inspiration for re-energizing your routine and putting a new spring in your step.

Summer Fun, Safety First

Summer Fun, Safety First

“My family is active all summer with soccer, running, swimming, fun at the beach and more! We keep sunscreen and playtime essentials with us at all times so we can enjoy the great outdoors and have a fabulous vacation.” -Shell Roush Things I Can't Say

How to tan safely indoors and outdoors

The Dos and Dont's of Safe Tanning

How to keep yourself protected from the sun and to rock a natural-looking faux glow.

DIY Beach Marker

Prepare for a Great Beach Day!

This DIY beach marker will help your kids know where you are.

Oh Joy! Holiday Wreath

DIY Paper Holiday Wreath

Learn how Oh Joy! transforms leftover holiday paper into a cheerful wreath that lasts way longer than the holidays.