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Show Gratitude for Troops on Veteran's Day

This Veteran's Day, Simple Ways to Show Gratitude for Our Troops

Do you want to say thank you to those who served our country, but you're not sure how? Click through for a few ideas about how to show support and appreciation for veterans, active-duty service members and their families.

Great Father's Day Ideas

12 Ways to Make Father's Day Awesome

The No. 1 man in your life deserves it. Try one of these hot spots, gift ideas or fun activities.

Tips on How to Recycle Everyday Bathroom Products in Your Home Thumbnail

How to Recycle in the Bathroom

Recycle just one mouthwash bottle, and you'll save enough energy for one lightbulb.

8 Nutritious & Healthy Snacks

8 Nutritious and Healthy Snack Ideas

They're quick and easy —and with names like Apple Pie Smoothie, they have to be good.

Creating a bucket list

How to Create a Family Bucket List

That one thing you've always wanted to do but haven't gotten around to it - Now's the time. 

stress less

10-Minute Stress Busters for When You Just Can't

Make it a goal to relax more this year. These tips and tricks can calm you down quickly - as in, 10 minutes.

8 Heart Healthy Foods

8 Foods Your Heart Will Love

These eight delicious foods are packed with the antioxidants and vitamins you need to stay healthy.

Sun protection tips

Sunscreen and Sun Protection Tips

These tips for kids and adults will help protect you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays.

5 Ways for Mom to Recharge

5 Ideas for Moms to Recharge

Don't feel guilty about leaving the kiddos — you deserve it. The spa sounds great, right?

Tips to Prevent Sleep Loss During the Daylight Saving Time Change

Don't Lose Sleep Over Daylight Savings Time

Stick to your regular routine as much as possible. These other restful tips can help too.

DIY Stocking Stuffers

DIY Stocking Stuffers

Pack an extra ounce of love into your kids' stockings with these clever and simple ideas.

Winter Skin Care Myths busted

In With Winter Skin

Think sunscreen is out of season? Guess again – and solve other skin care myths.