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Helpful Traveler's Sickness Tips from the IMODIUM(R) Brand

Traveler's Sickness? No, Thank You

Don't let a case of traveler's diarrhea ruin your summer vacation. Drink only bottled water and remember these tips from the makers of IMODIUM®.

Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix Recipe from the Makers of SPLENDA®

Tailgate Victory

Look no further for an easy start to breakfast. This lactose-free Banana Mango Smoothie from the LACTAID® Brand is delicious.

Learn Foods You Should Eat Everyday from the LISTERINE® Brand

5 Foods to Eat Every Day

Leafy greens and eggs are two things to add to your daily diet. See the others from the LISTERINE® Brand.

Tips for Arthritis Pain Treament and Management from the Makers of TYLENOL®

Not Today, Arthritis

Joint pain doesn't have to keep you - or your loved ones - from activities you enjoy. Learn treatment tips from the makers of TYLENOL®.

Fall Hiking Guide from the ZYRTEC® Brand

Gear Up for Fall Hikes

Start planning your autumn adventures with this guide from the ZYRTEC® Brand. One tip? Hit the gym now to build up endurance.


5 Tips for Fighting Puffiness

There's help for your nagging allergy symptoms. Get ideas for relief from the ZYRTEC® Brand.

How to grow pizza toppings in your garden

How to Grow a Pizza Toppings Garden

There's nothing tastier than pizza —and even better than homemade is home grown. Learn how to do it.

How to beat the afternoon slump

How to Re-energize in the Middle of the Day

Find healthy, natural ways to beat that afternoon slump and finish the work day strong.

How to Host a Progressive Dinner Party for the Holidays

How to Host a Progressive Dinner Party for the Holidays

Even if you have a busy holiday season ahead of you, it's worth carving out quality time to celebrate with friends and family. You can avoid the mess and stress of hosting a big party yourself by collaborating with a few friends to plan a progressive dinner party. Click through to learn how!

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