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What is Aromatherapy?

Discover how a centuries-old practice could reduce your anxiety. 

Safe medicine usage

Keep Your Family Safe

Start a critical conversation about responsible medicine use with your tween or teen today.



Discover important information and practical tools to help you safely take over-the-counter medicines.

How to Dispose of Medication

How to Dispose of Medication

Discover how to keep track of your medicines and dispose of them properly and how to dispose of medication  with these helpful tips from HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®.

Health score app

What’s your health score?

Now you can keep track of your health while on the go with a handy app from Johnson & Johnson.With just a few taps on your phone, you'll get your health score and learn about how you can stay healthy and informed.

Family Summer Vacation Tips

Mastering the Family Summer Vacation

…mishaps and all. Read how our blogger partner Mommy Shorts' prepared for the unexpected and enjoyed a memorable trip with her kids.

Back Pain Relief Tips from the TYLENOL(R) Brand

Restless Nights A Pain in the Back?

Don't let back pain keep you from a good night's sleep. Get tips for relief from the TYLENOL® Brand, including a new few stretches to try.

Tips for Arthritis Pain Treament and Management from the Makers of TYLENOL®

Not Today, Arthritis

Joint pain doesn't have to keep you - or your loved ones - from activities you enjoy. Learn treatment tips from the makers of TYLENOL®.