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Allergies and bad breath

The Connection Between Allergies, Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

According to this poll, the a whole lot allergy sufferers experience bad breath when their allergy symptoms flare up.

Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

How to Decide Between an Electric or Manual Toothbrush

The pros, cons and considerations for each.

Amazon one-stop shop

Your health & wellness one-stop shop

Everything you need, delivered.

Woman swishing with mouthwash

4 Things to Do While Swishing

Ever wonder what else you can be doing while you're swishing with mouthwash?



Revolutionary tablets that transform in seconds from a solid to liquid to a liquid in your mouth.

What to pack for kids on vacation

33 Travel Essentials: Vacation Packing List for Kids & Adults

Be prepared with all the travel essentials you need for a fun family trip with our vacation packing lists for kids and adults.

Products for the outdoors

Be Ready for the Outdoors with Dom & Sydney's Favorite Products!

Add their favorites directly to your cart.

Nighttime Reset Product Pack

Nighttime Reset Product Pack

Get everything you need to relax and feel your best before bed. Stock up on products for a clean, moisturized face, fresh breath, and nighttime pain relief for occasional aches and pains, plus a good night’s sleep.

Health & wellness product bundles

Everything You Need, Delivered

These product sets, delivered right to your door, will help make it easy and convenient to have what you need on hand. 

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