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5 Foods that Fight Bad Breath

How to Fight Bad Breath

Find out which foods give you bad breath, and which ones can help promote fresh breath.

Helpful Traveler's Sickness Tips from the IMODIUM(R) Brand

Traveler's Sickness? No, Thank You

Don't let a case of traveler's diarrhea ruin your summer vacation. Drink only bottled water and remember these tips from the makers of IMODIUM®.

Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix Recipe from the Makers of SPLENDA®

Tailgate Victory

Look no further for an easy start to breakfast. This lactose-free Banana Mango Smoothie from the LACTAID® Brand is delicious.

Learn Foods You Should Eat Everyday from the LISTERINE® Brand

5 Foods to Eat Every Day

Leafy greens and eggs are two things to add to your daily diet. See the others from the LISTERINE® Brand.

How to grow pizza toppings in your garden

How to Grow a Pizza Toppings Garden

There's nothing tastier than pizza —and even better than homemade is home grown. Learn how to do it.

How to beat the afternoon slump

How to Re-energize in the Middle of the Day

Find healthy, natural ways to beat that afternoon slump and finish the work day strong.