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How to make your teen feel confident

16 Ways to Help Your Teen Feel Confident

Help build the confidence and self-esteem that will get your teen through the rough patches now so they can thrive later.

Skincare tips for spring

9 Healthy Skin Tips for Spring

Say goodbye to dry, flaky winter skin, and get ready for warm weather with these easy solutions.

Your True Self Is Your Best Self

Your True Self Is Your Best Self

That's what Jazz has learned. Watch her story as a transgender teen in this video from the CLEAN & CLEAR® Brand.

Winter sports skin protection tips

5 Tips for Winter Sports Skin Protection

Get outdoors, and keep your skin from getting dry, chapped or sunburned.

Ways to manage chronic dry skin in winter

5 Ways to Manage Chronic, Dry Winter Skin

Tips to tackle chronic dry skin this winter – and come out shining.

5 Steps to Cut from Your Morning Routine

5 Steps to Cut from Your Morning Routine

Eliminating steps can actually help, not hurt. Too good to be true, right?

0 Common Causes of Premature Aging Thumbnail

10 Things Aging You Prematurely

Cutting back on these can help turn back the clock. You already know the first tip — get more sleep!

Hygiene for tweens

7 Ways to Teach Your Tween Self-Care

Has puberty hit your house? These steps are important for your preteen's routine.

Wearing sunscreen in winter

Why You Should Wear Sunscreen in Winter

Sun exposure is still a significant risk even when it’s cold outside.

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