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Discover important information and practical tools to help you safely take over-the-counter medicines.

How to keep your elderly parents independent

How To Keep Your Aging Loved Ones Independent

Your aging parents may feel like they have less and less control over their own lives, and that can be scary. Here are simple and important ways you help them remain as independent as possible.

The basics of diabetes

Knowing and Managing Diabetes

How to prevent, recognize and manage diabetes.

Warning signs of diabetes

10 Signs You Could Have Diabetes

Frequent trips to the bathroom, excessive thirst and other potential warning signs.

5 Tips for Eczema Relief

5 Tips for Eczema Relief

Find helpful tips for how to gain some eczema relief and manage the condition and when flare-ups occur from HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®.

How to care for someone after surgery

How to Care for Someone After Surgery

Establishing healthy routines can speed the road to recovery.

Tips for eczema relief

Tips for Eczema Relief

These tips for eczema relief can aid in soothing breakouts and flare ups from.

DIY Stocking Stuffers

DIY Stocking Stuffers

Pack an extra ounce of love into your kids' stockings with these clever and simple ideas.

Winter Skin Care Myths busted

In With Winter Skin

Think sunscreen is out of season? Guess again – and solve other skin care myths.

Re-energize your Routine after Kids are Back in School

9 Ways to Change Your Routine

Get the glowing skin you’ve always wanted, rock a new hair style and surprise your family’s tastebuds with expert chef skills.

Family Summer Vacation Tips

Mastering the Family Summer Vacation

…mishaps and all. Read how our blogger partner Mommy Shorts' prepared for the unexpected and enjoyed a memorable trip with her kids.