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Get Toddlers to Stay in Their Own Beds

Six Toddler Sleeping Tips

Helpful tips to get them to stay put and out of your sleeping space.
Jenell B. Stewart's Back to School Tips

Sick and Anxious Kiddo? Try This ‘Get-Better Basket’

If your little one has anxiety about trips to the doctor, a basket that combines toys and caring essentials may help ease the stress.
Getting to sleep at any age

How To Get The Best Sleep, For Children of All Ages

HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® has tips for children of every age group to ensure that they get the best night’s sleep possible.
Putting Baby to Sleep

How to Put a Baby to Sleep

Follow these steps to help your little one sleep soundly through the night.
Sleep Remedies for Children

Sleep Remedies for Children

Is your child getting up most nights for one reason or another? Use this helpful guide to help form a bedtime routine.
help baby sleep longer

Help Baby Sleep Better and Longer

A simple three step routine – bath, massage, quiet-time – can do the trick.Learn more from the JOHNSON'S® brand.
Getting kids to sleep in the summer

How to Get Kids to Sleep in the Summer

Too bright outside? Stick to routine, and they'll get too tired to notice. These other ideas will help too.
Tips to Prevent Sleep Loss During the Daylight Saving Time Change

Don't Lose Sleep Over Daylight Savings Time

Stick to your regular routine as much as possible. These other restful tips can help too.
No-Fuss Bedtime Countdown

No-Fuss Bedtime Countdown

Help your little one wind down for a good night's sleep with these calming ideas.
Healthy kids' sleep schedules

Back-to-School Sleep Schedules

Sleep is critical to kids' development and performance in school. Here's how much sleep kids need at every age.

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