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Saving Lives Through Social Good


Moms + SocialGood Global Moms Relay

The sisterhood of motherhood is one of the most powerful bonds. It traverses the globe, crossing geographic, linguistic and cultural divides. The power of that connection was felt in full force at the Moms + Social Good event in May, 2016 sponsored by Johnson and Johnson and the United Nations Foundation in New York City.

The day brought together advocates, experts, celebrities, mom bloggers, and an entire community of mothers, fathers, and even a few babies to spark an international dialogue around initiatives advancing the wellbeing of moms and children everywhere. It also served as the kickoff to a momentous fundraising initiative, The Global Moms Relay.

Both the event and the larger Relay center around the question, “What do you wish were true for every child, everywhere?” The answers heard were brutally honest, notably humbling and unequivocally inspiring, with discussions ranging from the life-threatening dangers of malaria to the stark educational opportunities faced by child refugees, from gender barriers in schools to the disparate work-life challenges faced by many of today’s mothers and fathers.

Moms + SocialGood Global Moms Relay

Yet for as many topics as were covered, one fact was consistent and clear: The desire to provide a better future for the next generation is a universal.

Interested in learning more and taking action to improve gender equality, advance healthcare accessibility, expand educational opportunities, and raise up the world’s children to a better standard of living? Here are three simple actions you can take today.

  • First, download the the Donate a Photo app from Johnson & Johnson and donate a photo a day through June 17th. For every photo donated or social action taken, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to organizations making childhood healthier and happier.
  • Second, click here to watch the recorded livestreams of the full Moms + Social Good event. Discover the realities faced by families around the world and some of the incredible organizations working to lift them up.
  • Last but not least, visit and share the Global Moms Relay page to help others discover more amazing responses to the question “What do you wish were true for every child, everywhere?” We have new videos and articles posted regularly, and encourage you to add your voice to the conversation with the hashtag #GlobalMoms.

The day’s dynamic discussion made evident that while we still have a long way to go to provide every child an equal opportunity at a healthy, happy life, when we join together leadership and grassroots movements, we can make a real, life-saving impact – and in fact, we already are. But don’t wait! Take action today to join us in creating a better future.

Moms + SocialGood Global Moms Relay

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