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Caring, With Pride


Care With Pride

We know that bias and prejudice exist, but we believe that by acknowledging the challenges of today we can work together toward a kinder, more thoughtful future for tomorrow. Learning to recognize the ways we are intolerant, whether consciously or not, opens our hearts and our minds and creates a more welcoming, loving world around us.

How can you take a stand against bias? Here are five ways to join us in creating positive change.

  • Take a Bias Quiz: Take the #LoveHasNoLabels hidden bias quiz today to discover some of your own bias that you didn’t even fully realize you acted on. Take the quiz
  • Fight Bias-Based Bullying by Sharing Your Photos: Download the Donate a Photo app from Johnson & Johnson and support our beneficiaries with each photo you share! For every photo donated, Johnson & Johnson will donate one dollar to PFLAG in June, The Family Equality Council in July and The Trevor Project in October.  Get the app
  • Join a Parade: Hundreds of parades and other equal rights events occur around the nation every year – find one near you. Find an event  
  • Spread the Word: Promote the #carewithpride campaign with co-workers, friends and family and on social media. The more people are aware of innate bias, the more we can collaboratively rally for positive change.

Find out more: Join our partners in the fight to support and provide counseling for the LGBTQ community.

  • PFLAG provides support, education and advocacy for people who are LGBTQ, their families and allies. Get involved
  • The Family Equality Council works to support LGBTQ parents. Get involved
  • The Trevor Project provides crisis and suicide counseling to LGBTQ youth. Learn more

We’re proud to partner with the Ad Council on #LoveHasNoLabels to bring a deeper awareness to personal bias because until everyone is free of prejudice, none of us are really free of it.

We believe that a family is defined not by who is united, but in how they are united, and have created an internal culture that supports this positivity.

Our brands, too, are actively involved, celebrating the myriad ways we create families and the journeys we take to get there.

TYLENOL® #HowWeFamily

JOHNSON’S® Before and After Pregnancy


Family Equality Council

Help the Family Equality Council change attitudes and policies to ensure all families are respected, loved and celebrated – especially those with LGBTQ parents.

PFLAG’s grassroots network works to advance equality and societal affirmation of LGBTQ people through its mission of support, education and advocacy.
The Trevor Project

Connect, advocate, and volunteer in Trevor’s fight to save young LGBTQ lives at
Love Has No Labels

Take the #LoveHasNoLabels bias quiz to discover some of your own bias that you didn’t even know you have.