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Caring, with Pride


Through our CARE WITH PRIDE® initiative, Johnson & Johnson® Consumer Brands strive to openly champion love, equality and care for all people within the LGBTQ community. Since 2011, CARE WITH PRIDE® has donated over $1 million to LGBTQ nonprofit groups including PFLAG, Trevor Project, Family Equality Council and a wide variety of other Pride organizations.

Johnson & Johnson Care with Pride Rainbow Products

And we'd love you to join us as we march to support Pride, too. Each year, hundreds of Johnson & Johnson employees represent Care With Pride and show their own by marching in Pride parades big and small all across the country. That tradition continues this year, too, with parades across not just the country, but the globe. Here's where and when they take place.

Parade dates & locations:

List of Pride Marches 2019

Johnson & Johnson’s 125,000 employees in 60 countries are united in a common mission: To help people everywhere live longer, healthier, happier lives. Johnson & Johnson has been committed to caring for people and their families with its many consumer healthcare brands since the company was founded in 1886. That's why we're also proud to partner with the Family Equality Council to help provide an online chat tool that LGBTQ people could use to ask questions and get information that they could use to make their families grow.

Family-Building Live Chat Logo

Learn more about the Family Equality Council's chat tool.

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