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Championing love, equality and care


Care With Pride Participating Brands

Through our CARE WITH PRIDE® initiative, Johnson & Johnson® Brands strive to openly champion love, equality and care for all people within the LGBTQIA community. Since 2011, CARE WITH PRIDE® has donated over $1 million to LGBTQIA nonprofit groups including PFLAG, Trevor Project, Family Equality and a wide variety of other Pride organizations.

We are celebrating the meaning of family with the LGBTQIA community and Family Equality, an organization dedicated to advancing legal and lived equality for LGBTQIA families and those who wish to form them.Join us in celebrating life, love, and family – together.


Give Back and Show How You #CareWithPride

As a physical representation of LGBTQIA support, CARE WITH PRIDE® consumer brands OGX, Neutrogena and Listerine have created “Pride” products and are proud to make them available from May to July at select retail partners: Target, Amazon, Walgreens, Ulta, Kroger and Giant.


Each year, CARE WITH PRIDE® sponsors +40 Pride parades and events globally engaging +1500 Johnson & Johnson employees, non-profit partners, friends and families.

Care With Pride Participating Brands

Care With Pride Participating Brands

Care With Pride Participating Brands
New Hope, PA New York City, NY Los Angeles, CA

Care With Pride Participating Brands

Care With Pride Participating Brands
Zurich, Switzerland London, UK


However, as a result of COVID-19, many Pride parades and events have understandably been postponed or cancelled. As we pivot to a new virtual norm, CARE WITH PRIDE® is excited to host it’s first-ever Virtual Pride Kickoff on 06/01! The event will be a virtual celebration of Pride and welcomes J&J employees, partners, friends and families, and we invite you to join as well! Pre-register for the event via the following link:



CARE WITH PRIDE® is a proud to serve as title sponsor of Family Equality Family Week, the largest gathering of LGBTQIA families in the world. During this week-long celebration our participating CARE WITH PRIDE® brands host various events and activations to make the week fun and memorable for families (examples below). Understandably, as a result of COVID-19, Family Week 2020 has been cancelled. In response and in partnership with Family Equality, CARE WITH PRIDE® is creating +500 Family Week “Care Packages” for LGBTQIA families who were planning on attending the week-long celebration. These care packages will include J&J “Pride” products, a coloring book from Provincetown, saltwater taffy from Provincetown, a 5B movie postcard, sunglasses, an herb garden, a puzzle, deck of cards and more. Our hope is that these Care Packages will bring a little bit of pride and Provincetown magic to families to enjoy in the comfort and safety of their own homes.














Care With Pride Recognition
•    Family Equality Council Impact Award
•    Trevor Project 20/20 Visionary Award
•    AdColor MVP Award
•    GLSEN Commitment to D&I Award
•    PFLAG Straight for Equality Award

Johnson & Johnson Care with Pride Rainbow Products

Johnson & Johnson Care with Pride Rainbow Products

Johnson & Johnson Care with Pride Rainbow Products
Alex Gorsky accepts PFLAG Straight for Equality Award for Care With Pride Care With Pride honored at Family Equality LA Impact Awards Left to Right: Joe Leahy, Andrew Bristow, Robert Maullon, Cory Price, Reed Harris, Scott Creighton

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