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We believe in the power of connection.  The connections you have, the connections, you build, and the connections you choose all shape you and your world.  Through our CARE WITH PRIDE™ initiative, our brands strive to openly champion love, equality, and care for all people within the LGBTQ Community.


We are proud sponsors of PFLAG, The Trevor Project, and the Family Equality Council – join us in supporting these great organizations who strive every day to openly champion love and equality for the LGBTQ community. Take a look at our partners to learn more and get involved with these great organizations!

How else can you stand with us in supporting the LGBTQ community? Here are three ways that you can help create a positive change:

1. Give Back by Sharing Your Photos: Download the Donate a Photo app from Johnson & Johnson and support our beneficiaries with each photo you share! For every photo donated, Johnson & Johnson will donate one dollar to PFLAG in June – July, The Family Equality Council in July – August and The Trevor Project in August – September. Get the app here!

2. Join a Parade: Hundreds of parades and other equal rights events occur around the nation every year – find one near you!

  • Palm Beach, PL – March 26th
  • New Hope, PA – May 21st
  • Los Angeles, CA – June 11th
  • Philadelphia, PA – June 11th
  • Boston, MA – June 10th
  • Louisville, KY – June 17th
  • Denver, CO – June 18th
  • St. Petersburg, FL – June 24th
  • San Juan, PR – June 25th
  • Minneapolis, MN – June 25th
  • San Francisco, CA – June 25th
  • New York, NY – June 25th
  • San Diego, CA – July 16th
  • Dallas, TX – September 17th
  • Atlanta, GA – October 8th
  • Palm Springs, CA – November 5th

3. Spread the Word: Promote the #carewithpride campaign with co-workers, friends and family and on social media. The more people are aware of innate bias, the more we can collaboratively rally for positive change.


Beyond our CARE WITH PRIDE™ campaign, our brands are actively involved in the celebration of the myriad ways we celebrate the connections we build with one another and the journeys we take to get there.



JOHNSON’S® Before and After Adopting a Baby: Doug & Glen


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Family Equality Council

Help the Family Equality Council change attitudes and policies to ensure all families are respected, loved and celebrated – especially those with LGBTQ parents.

PFLAG’s grassroots network works to advance equality and societal affirmation of LGBTQ people through its mission of support, education and advocacy.
The Trevor Project

Connect, advocate, and volunteer in Trevor’s fight to save young LGBTQ lives at