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Nurse with a patient

Join Johnson & Johnson in celebrating nurses who are changing human health. Because nurses change lives. And that changes everything.

Khushi Baby Necklace

The Khushi Baby necklace has already tracked 30,000 patients in India since being introduced.

Finding Your Roots

Watch full episodes from the new season of the hit PBS series, hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.

Global Moms Relay

Join the community of moms united to change the world.

Discover important information and practical tools to help you safely take over-the-counter medicines.

Save the Children

Find out how you can help change the world, one child's life at a time with Save the Children.

Learn about the safety process, the care that goes into our ingredient selection and our decision-making.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON® Giving Programs

See how we're creating a healthier world, one community at a time.
Care to Recycle Scavenger Hunt

Find games, printables, and more to make recycling a family affair.
Donate a Photo

Share your photos with the Donate a Photo app, and Johnson & Johnson will give to a cause you care about.

The EARTHWARDS® approach embodies our commitment to creating more sustainable products.
Our history & aspirations

Explore the history of Johnson & Johnson's sustainability efforts since the 1900s.

What does family mean to you? Share your story and watch others. Brought to you by the TYLENOL® Brand.
Safe medicine usage

Start a critical conversation about responsible medicine use with your tween or teen today.

Join Operation Smile's global network

Join Operation Smile's global network and see how you can help change lives in over 60 countries.