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7 Winter Skin Tips for Travelers


Winter skin tips for travel

When it comes to traveling, especially in winter, it’s always important to replenish, hydrate, and protect the skin as much as possible. This quick and simple guide can help slim the packing list for minimalist travel, without sacrificing a healthy winter skincare regimen.

Forget the regular stuff, bring a thicker intensive moisturizer.
While being outside in the cold, thicker moisturizers give skin extra protection without leaving the skin flaky.  Look for lotions and moisturizers that are non-comedogenic, instead of petroleum-based, so skin can still breathe during the chilly weather, but not get clogged.  

Don’t shampoo every night. Yes, that’s right!
Shampooing every night, while it may feel very tempting on cold winter days, can actually strip the scalp off those much-essential natural oils.  Instead, wash hair three times a week at most. Not only will this help keep the mane healthy, but will save on toiletry space and budget. On “off” days, use a dry shampoo, a hair powder that cleanses hair and its roots from oil. It gives hair volume and texture.

Cut down on space and stick to the basics.
A good winter skincare regimen covers haircare, skincare and even makeup. Bring a travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and few disposable razors for bathing. For skincare, it can be a little more personalized to preference but a healthy winter skin foundation includes a cleanser, treatment (for acne or for aging skin), and a moisturizer.

Bring compact, travel-size toiletries.
Here are the 3 main reasons why: 1) They fit in luggage and don’t take up too much space or weight. 2) They fit within travel guidelines. 3) They are inexpensive and easy to restock when necessary. (if security decides to toss them out, it’s not a big or expensive loss!)

Travel smart, find combination items.
Look for two-in-one shampoos and conditioners, body cleanser that can double as shave gel, a foldable brush with a mirror attached on the handle, or multi-use skincare products like petroleum jelly, wipes or cotton swabs.

Purchase empty travel size containers to replace any bulkier favorites.
Sure, it’s hard to part with that perfectly tailored winter skincare routine when traveling. But the good news is, healthy winter skincare can stay right on track with the right size portions.

Don’t forget to wear an SPF sunscreen.  
Even on snowy, windy or cloudy days, the sun’s heavy UV rays are still kicking, especially in high elevations. Protect any exposed areas by wearing a sheer facial sunscreen above moisturizing lotion.


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