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Top 9 Winter Skin Care Myths


You know how sun and surf affect your skin. But when cold weather comes, you may think your only concern is keeping your toes warm — but guess what? Winter creates a unique set of skin-care needs. Read on to bust common winter skin myths.

Top 9 Winter Skin Care Myths
  1. “I don’t need moisturizer in winter – I have oily skin.”
    Everyone needs moisturizer. Especially in winter months, when heating systems and cold winds result in a dry climate – indoors and out. Reach for an oil-free product or something more intense to keep your complexion protected against wintry elements and damaging UVB & UVA rays.
  2. “Who needs SPF on overcast winter days?”
    SPF protects against harmful rays all year long. The sun is actually even closer to the earth in the winter months, despite what your heating bill says, and clouds do little to filter out its rays. You still need a moisturizer with SPF, even on cold, dark days.
  3. “Winter isn’t as harsh on my skin as summer.”
    Winter does a number on your skin in a way that summer can’t. Low humidity combined with blistering winds can lead to tight, uncomfortably dry skin today – and new wrinkles tomorrow. A nightly retinol treatment can offset winter’s aging effects.
  4. “Only women worry about skin care.”
    Actually, men have something to think about that women don’t: facial shaving irritation, which can worsen with cold. Men can help prevent facial sensitivity before it starts with a pre-shave cleansing and exfoliation ritual. A moisturizing shaving gel and fragrance-free face wash and aftershave lotion help avoid potential irritants.
  5. “I only need sunscreen at the beach.”
    You also need it when you’re skiing the slopes.Exposure to UV rays is more intense at higher elevations; put a little reflective snow and ice into the mix and you’ve got some seriously harsh conditions. But instead of the light sunscreen sprays you reach for in summer, try a moisturizing SPF cream that can protect against winter weather.
  6. “I use a facial moisturizer, so I’m all set.”
    Not quite! Don’t neglect your lips, which can chap in dry, blustery weather. Remember your hands, too – or cracked skin might remind you later. Any exposed area needs protection.
  7. “Eczema is just an allergic reaction.”
    Eczema is an allergic reaction … but the weather is often a trigger — especially cold, windy, dry weather. From your moisturizer in the morning to your bath at night, protecting your skin before it flares is the name of the eczema game.
  8. “I should probably keep my baby indoors in wintertime.”
    Fresh air is good for your baby, so if the weather isn’t bitter, wrap her in layers and head out for a walk. Protect her delicate skin with a gentle lotion just before heading out — consider it one more protective layer. Keep babies under six months out of direct sun; after that, talk to your pediatrician about sunscreen to guard against excessive sun exposure throughout the year.
  9. My skin is too sensitive for over-the-counter products.”
    You’d be surprised. Try hypoallergenic and sensitive-skin formulations. Dry, windy winter weather can be more irritating than anything you put on your skin.

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