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The Can't-Miss Area You Simply Must Moisturize


By Sarah Parker Ward

Many of us focus our daily moisturizer routine only on our face. While that’s a step in the right direction, it leaves room for fine lines and wrinkles on our neck and décolletage – the area between the collar bone and bust - to become a giveaway of our age.

Why Moisturizing Your Chest and Neck is a Must

Why moisturize the chest/neck?
As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and our body's production of collagen, the substance just below our skin’s surface that makes it firm, begins to decrease. The skin in this area can be thinner, with less supporting collagen than the face, thereby making it more prone to sagging with age.

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How to moisturize here
Include your neck and chest into your daily moisturizing routine, keeping in mind that because this skin can be thinner, your moisturizing application should be gentle. Remember, too, that this area is a key one not to miss while applying your suntan lotion, as UV rays are known to damage the skin and cause earlier wrinkling.

Other ways to keep your skin in shape?

  • Stay well-hydrated by drinking ample water.
  • Eat healthy foods, especially those rich in antioxidants and vitamin A.
  • Wear sunglasses, as continued squinting can promote crow’s feet.  
  • Don’t smoke! Smoking restricts blood flow to the skin and speeds up our skin’s aging after only 10 years of use.   
  • Get ample rest as stress to our internal systems can promote cortisol, which harms cells.

Moisturize Properly

  • Not all lotions serve the same purpose – here are the key differences:
  • Body lotions are far thicker than facial lotions and could actually clog pores if used there.
  • Eye serums contain blends meant specifically for the very delicate skin on and around your eyes.
  • And many anti-aging lotions include specific alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or retinol compounds that promote younger looking skin.

Which lotion is right for you?

  • Consider the body area you’re focusing on.
  • Know the type of skin you have there (oily, normal, dry, acne-prone, etc.).
  • Determine your targeted skincare goal.

By keeping our skin well-hydrated, we can work against the clock and natural progression of fine lines and wrinkles to look only as old as we feel.


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