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5 Easy Ways to Reboot Your Look


how to update your look

Mix Up Your Makeup

We all have our tried-and-true beauty routines, but sometimes the old standbys can grow a little stale. Adding a new tool, shade, or product to the mix is a small investment that can do wonders for your look.

If you’ve always used matte lipstick, why not switch it up and try a shimmery lip gloss? If you typically wear a nude lip or no lip color, try bold red lips. We love Neutrogena® MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Classic Red.

If you tend to go for the natural look on your eyes, try a shimmery shadow, or a smoky eye. Save money by grabbing an eyeshadow palette that contains all the colors you’ll need, like Neutrogena® Nourishing Long Wear Eye Shadow + Built-in Primer in Smoky Steel. If you live for bold eyeliner or shadow, try out a natural look with a simple shade that compliments your eye color.

new makeup

Take a few minutes to brush up on your technique; a couple of new tricks can energize your whole look. You might try curling your eyelashes, shaping your brows, learning how to draw a perfect cat-eye line, or learning how to do makeup contouring for a night out.

Get a New ’Do

A new year is a great time to try an all-new hairstyle. We’re not saying to do something drastic – unless that’s how you roll – but even a subtle change can give you a whole new outlook. And after all, it’ll always grow back!

great hair

If you’ve got long hair, consider bangs. There are lots of styles – high and blunt, long and wispy, full and heavy, side-parted – to suit any face shape. Spend some time with a stylist or doing online research into the style that would best suit you.

If you’re addicted to the straightening iron, channel that energy into a full-bodied blowout instead. Alternatively, embrace your curls, and use them to create a full-bodied bun or tousled beach hair.

Had the same hair color for years? Maybe it’s time for a change! Try a shade or two lighter or darker, a faded ombre, balayage, or something entirely new. A visit to your local salon can help you make the right call.

Try Fun Nails

Nails are the perfect place to break out and do something expressive and a little crazy, without any real commitment – or shocking your friends and family.

If you’ve only ever had short, natural nails, start by trying an acrylic or gel nail to test out added length. Then see what other fun ideas your new nails inspire!

new nails

When it comes to color, red is an enduring classic, but a teal blue, sparkly mauve, or other vivid color can really brighten up your day. Experiment: Choose your favorite color, a color that accentuates your skin, or even a combination of colors that create an appealing theme.

Patterns and designs are another great way to express yourself. You could use a seasonal or holiday theme, fun shapes, bright patterns, or even designs that tie into a favorite book, movie, or TV show.

And finally, there’s shape. Stuck in a rut with squared-off or rounded tips? Try switching things up by rocking oval or almond-shaped nails – or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a stiletto manicure straight off the runway.

Flatter Your Figure

Losing weight, eating clean, and hitting the gym are all great goals – but how about showing the body you’ve got some love in the meantime? Choosing clothing that flatters your shape is a great confidence booster.

If you’re petite, keep things clean and tailored so that fussy details don’t overwhelm your frame. Vertical lines (think pinstriped pants or floor-length skirts!) give the illusion of extra height, as do matching bottoms and shoes, like nude heels and bare legs, or dark boots with black leggings. Roll too-long sleeves to the elbow, and give too-long pants a trendy cuff.

get in shape

If you’ve got gorgeous curves, it’s all about playing up that hourglass shape. Scoop necklines, empire waist dresses, belted tops, and three-quarter sleeves will really emphasize your curves. Find jackets with a fitted waist and flared hip. If you’d prefer to downplay your shape, choose a monochromatic palette, clean lines and darker bottoms. Avoid loose-fitting tops and big or busy patterns.

For the taller women out there, skinny jeans were made for you! Choose slim pants that show off your long legs, and don’t shy away from high-waisted pants or belts to balance your proportions. You can pull off both bold patterns and bold accessories, like a colorful maxi dress and a big purse or chunky necklace. Camouflage a too-short pant leg with a cuff to make it look intentional.

Pamper Your Skin

Making positive changes to your skin care routine will refresh your look beyond the surface. Schedule a facial, do an at-home peel, and vow to give your skin the love it deserves.

pamper your skin

Oily skin has a variety of causes, including hormones and seasonal changes. Treat oily skin to an oil-free, acne-fighting daily moisturizer like CLEAN & CLEAR® Essentials Dual Action Moisturizer, and use a shine control makeup. Pack oil-absorbing blotting papers like CLEAN & CLEAR® Oil Absorbing Sheets for when you need to reduce shine on the go.

Dry skin can be itchy, flaky, and downright frustrating. Use an intensive daily moisturizer, and add a night cream to restore hydration while you sleep. Use tinted moisturizer or a makeup formulated for dry skin, like Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint.

Refreshing your look might feel scary, but it can be a huge confidence booster. Start off with small, simple changes, then set more ambitious goals to build on your success. Before you know it, you really will feel like a whole new you!  

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