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New Year, New Look, New You


New Year, New Look, New You

When the New Year rolls around, many of us glance in the mirror and take stock. Like what you see but ready to take it up a notch? Instead of a total overhaul, focus on flattering and enhancing the beauty that’s already all you – year in, year out.

Dress the body you’ve got.

If “lose 10 pounds” is one of your New Year’s resolutions, well, join the club. But picking items that flatter your actual limbs and curves is what it’s all about – no matter your body type or size. If you’re petite, keep details clean and tailored so they don’t overwhelm. Uninterrupted vertical lines make you look taller. If you’re curvy, go for a monochromatic line, keeping darker shades on the bottom. Cinched waists, scoop necks, and three-quarter sleeves emphasize feminine lines. If you’re tall, the long-over-short silhouette works well for you, so rock a long top over slim pants or a short skirt.

Focus on your complexion.

Hey, it’s January – take advantage of the low sun exposure to do some renewal. If you can schedule a facial, now’s a great time. An at-home peel, or exfoliator will feel great and look amazing too.

Add a new cosmetic weapon to your arsenal.

You’ve probably hit upon a beauty routine that works. But adding a new beauty tool or shade to the mix is a small investment that can reinvigorate your look. If you always use matte finishes, switch it up with lip gloss or shimmery eye shadow highlight. If you lean toward a natural look, try curling your lashes or shaping your brows – you’ll add drama without looking over made-up. If you’ve worn the same makeup for months (or years), take a few minutes to brush up on your technique—a few new tricks can energize your whole look.

Make an incremental hair shift.

Major hair overhauls are not something to do on impulse, so unless you’ve been considering this for a while, go for subtle changes. If you’ve got long hair, consider bangs. If your cut is layered, think about a swingy blunt cut. If you’re addicted to the straightening iron, go for a full-bodied blowout instead. If you’ve had the same color for years, try going a shade lighter – or darker. And if this all feels too intimidating, just try parting it on the other side! You get the idea – a small shift can have a major result.

Go for new bold nail designs.

Here’s a great opportunity to break out and do something a little crazy. A teal blue or sparkly mauve on your hands will bring a smile every time you catch a glimpse. And don’t neglect your feet – keep them moisturized and buffed in anticipation of sandal weather, which will be back before you know it.

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