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9 Healthy Skin Tips for Spring

Spring has finally sprung – but your skin is likely still reeling a bit from harsh winter weather coupled with months of hot, dry indoor air. Even if you were extra good to your body during those dark, cold days – amping up your moisturizing routine and keeping the humidifier on full blast – your skin may need a freshening-up session or two.

Get your skin looking and feeling healthy and radiant again with these nine healthy skin care tips:

Skin tips for spring - exfoliate

Exfoliate – Your skin cells constantly regenerate, but with heavy winter clothing, the dead skin cells don’t always slough off as effectively. Take an evening to give yourself a deep, full-body exfoliation. Take a warm bath and give your entire body a good scrub with an exfoliating body wash or actual scrub. Pay extra attention to your knees, elbows, feet, hands and back.

Skincare tips for spring - use a lighter moisturizer

Swap to a Spring/Summer Moisturizer: Winter calls for heavy, thick moisturizers as dry air dries your skin. Not so in the warmer months. As humidity increases in warmer months, use lighter moisturizers to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and vibrant.

Skincare tips for spring - drink more water

Drink Up – This may seem obvious, but many people ignore it: Drink water, and a lot of it. All organs need hydration to function – including your skin. The more water you drink, the easier it will be to keep your skin from becoming dry and flakey.

Skincare tips for spring - eat more fruits

Snack on Fruits – Fresh fruit serves a dual role as a delicious, natural snack and also a good source of water, further helping your overall hydration. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, many studies have shown that citrus fruits – oranges, lemons, grapefruits – are especially helpful for skin health.

Skincare tips for spring - work out

Work Out – You’re busy, we know. But exercise increases blood flow, which helps maintain the health of skin cells. You don’t have to hit the gym and pump iron for hours. Take advantage of the warmer weather with a 30-minute yoga routine on your lawn. Even just a brisk, nightly walk with the kids in the stroller can do wonders.

Skincare tips for spring - use sunscreen

Screen the Sun – Literally: wear sunscreen – everyday, not just when you’re hitting the beach. Like drinking water, this one might seem obvious too but many people often ignore this step despite the proven benefits. The simplest solution? Find a 2-in-1 of either a sunscreen/facial lotion or a foundation/sunscreen combo.

Skincare tips for spring - protect your eyes

Don’t Forget Your Peepers: Your eyes aren’t skin, but when it comes to looking radiant, they matter just as much. If they’re looking a little tired, place a cool cucumber slice on each eye for three minutes, remove, and add a few eye drops.

Skincare tips for spring - clean brushes

Clean Your Brushes: Springtime is nearly synonymous with cleaning, so it’s a great time to turn attention to your personal hygiene tools. Makeup brushes can build up a lot of hard-to-see grime and bacteria, so keep those germs off your face by gently washing your brushes with a natural cleaner and then laying them flat for 24 hours to dry.

Skincare tips for spring - clean brushes

Care for Your Air: Speaking of spring cleaning, don’t forget that the cleaners you use throughout your home become part of your environment. This means you expose your skin to whatever ingredients they include. Beware harsh chemicals and try to seek out natural alternatives; good old-fashioned white vinegar, for instance, can do wonders.



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