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Rejuvenate Your Routine with These 7 French-Inspired Beauty Tips


By Sarah Parker Ward

The French know a thing or two about effortless beauty, not to mention appreciating life's finer things. Borrow a few of their most charming beauty habits, routines we could all afford to adore a bit more.

French-inspired beauty routines

Be a makeup minimalist

When it comes to your makeup routine, au natural is the key to kingdom – with the exception of one lovely focal point. Add a statement color to your eyes, lips, or cheeks and leave the rest of your canvas fresh and clean.

Take everything in moderation, including moderation

French women don’t obsess endlessly over things that put them in a bad or bored mood. Rather, they live by the Pleasure Principle. Listen to your body, and do what brings you joy. Remember this when you dine, when you bathe and while you enjoy the day’s normal activities.

Bathe as the French do, with Le Petit MarseillaisTM, the No. 1 body wash brand in France. The beloved bath and body line, born in the sunny South of France, is inspired by the scents and sun-kissed ingredients of Provence.

Hands off that fair face

This is the golden rule of French skincare: don’t touch your face. Consider all the things your dainty hands touch over the course of one day and how (in)frequently you wash them – be honest! Transferring that oil, dirt and bacteria onto your delicate facial skin is sure to end in tragedy.

Say “bon voyage” to your brush

Let your tresses fly free! Try washing your hair every 2-3 days. Avoid heat styling and product application, opting instead for the charming tousle of air-dried hair. If you’re feeling a little oily on day 2 or 3, consider a dry-shampoo.

Find magic in moisturizers

If there’s one skincare staple French women readily invest in and apply liberally, it’s their moisturizers. After all, hydrated skin is radiant skin. So, find skin and body moisturizers that are right for your unique skincare needs.

Le Petit MarseillaisTM moisturizers can help keep your skin beautifully soft and supple 24 hours of moisture.

Embrace sleep

With the extra time you gain from a simpler routine you can devote more hours to the sweetest of dreams. French women are enchanted with deep, restful sleep because they know it’s important to all aspects of their health. They also find naps are entirely acceptable, too!

Adoring our imperfections

Be confident in who you are and what you contribute to the world! Wrinkles? Signs of wisdom! Hair a bit crazier than normal? Own it! None of us are perfect, and when we go about the day with a grateful heart, we smile more and our joy radiates to those around us.

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