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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine


5 ways to speed up your morning routine

Mornings can feel like the worst– especially if you’re running late. Whether you’re getting ready for work, a hike, a trip, or a day with the family, every minute saved from your morning routine is a minute you can spend somewhere else.

If you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day – or even if you’re just perpetually running late – we’ve got your back. Here are five ways to speed up your morning routine, and get you on track for the things that really matter.

Why you should skip the shower

#1: Skip the shower
Bathing too often or using super hot water can strip your skin of natural oils, so there is no need to shower or bathe every day. Perk up your skin’s natural balance by opting out of a daily shower. Instead, give your face a quick wash with a gentle daily cleanser to perk up your skin.

How to multi-task in the morning

#2: Use multi-tasking shampoo
Less is more when it comes to hair products! Wash your hair less often to preserve its natural oils, and pin it up during no-wash showers. When you do shampoo, use a multi-tasking shampoo and conditioner to cut down on time needed for styling. On those days when you’re skipping the shower, use a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and give your hair a lift.

how to exfoliate

#3: Exfoliate regularly
Your skin will look and feel great after being polished with an exfoliating scrub. Use a product that nourishes as well as exfoliates, so that gentle exfoliation is included in your morning cleansing. If you crave a deeper exfoliation, bump it to your bedtime routine, and keep it to no more than twice per week to avoid dryness and irritation.

shaving legs

#4: Shave time off shaving
Shaving your legs daily can lead to serious dryness and irritation. If your legs need constant attention to keep unruly hairs under wraps, try to cut down to three times per week. When you do shave, use a gentle product that both moisturizes and helps prevent razor bumps and redness, so your legs will still be looking smooth the next day.

improve your workout

#5: Work harder, not longer
Not willing to ditch your pre-work workout? Good for you! Save time by switching to shorter, harder routines. HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are designed to be quick – and most can be done at home. We love the 7 Minute Workout app, available on iTunes and Google Play. If you want to shift your fitness to later in the day, you can make simple changes like walking or working out on your lunch break, doing small exercises at your desk, and using an exercise ball in place of a chair.  


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