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6 Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms on the Go


By Sarah Parker Ward

As a mom, you know that efficiency is your best friend – the more you can get done in a short period of time, the better. That’s true for doing things for your family, but it’s even truer when it comes to doing things for yourself. So to help you stay efficient – and looking great – we’ve  rounded up seven simple morning beauty hacks that can shave serious time off your daily grind to keep you on time, and looking and feeling your best.

Beauty hacks for busy moms
  1. Prep the night before: We all know this one, but so few of us actually do it: Ten minutes of prepping at night when your brain is still running full speed can save you at least that much time in the morning. So make it a point to pack your work belongings, pick out your outfit and pull out the beauty and styling tools you’ll use to have them ready.
  2. Drink water before coffee: Water is critical to all of your body’s functions; coffee only feels that way. So while it’s easy to run straight to the coffee maker in the morning, try starting your day instead with a glass of water. That will give your body a more useful liquid-start to the day, and the cold will help wake you up. Save the coffee for a little later in the morning.
  3. Create a shower music mix: It’s easy to lose time and slow down in a hot shower, so try creating a five-minute playlist on your smartphone, and hit play just before you jump in. When the last song ends, it’s time to get a move on!
  4. Shave with baby oil: Swap the shave gel for good old-fashioned baby oil, which will nourish your skin while you shave. This saves you time by eliminating the need for a moisturizing routine to go with the shaving.
  5. Mix facial lotion with foundation: Why go through two steps when you only need one? Mix your foundation and facial lotion in a 1:1 ratio for a perfect tint that saves time and gives you a much better blend for more even application. Or, find a tinted moisturizer to maximize a proper skin care routine.
  6. Avoid the last-minute run in your tights: It’s inevitable that on the mornings you’re truly running around like a mad woman, you’ll snag your stockings on a piece of jewelry or a kid’s toy. To help prevent runs, apply a light amount of hairspray to the entire surface of your tights; it’s a time-tested method of strengthening the fibers and preventing and minimizing unsightly runs. Repeat after every wash.


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