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How I Teach My Kids to Always Get Back Up And Keep Trying


Becky Mansfield is a paid spokesperson for HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®

Last week, our daughter came in with scraped-up knees. My immediate response: “What happened?!” I said this in an all-too-worried voice that has become the norm when our kids get hurt. I’m not so good at that whole “Just get up” thing… no, I’m more of a “Oh no… come here, and let me take care of you” type of person. It’s okay though. It hasn’t changed our kids at all because after I take care of them, they are well on their way to play.

Teach your kids to get back up

There is a time when we all need to decide which type of parent we will be. I didn’t want to be “all or nothing”, so I’m more of what I call a “covering wounds” parent. I take care of their wounds, and then, they get back up and out into the world. I don’t ignore them, but I don’t baby them; I just cover them. I take care of them and motivate them to keep going. While I mean it literally, I also mean that I help them learn that we all make mistakes.

When I was a teacher, I would purposely make a mistake in front of the class. 2+2=5. Yep, I’d write it for all to see because I wanted my kids to know and understand this: We ALL make mistakes. Even the person that you think has it all together makes mistakes, too.   

I do this with my own kids, and point out when I’ve made a mistake. I want them to understand that I am human and make mistakes, but I can get back up and keep going. And they can, too: When they don’t make the team, it’s okay, keep trying; when they don't win the game, it’s okay, keep trying; when they don’t get an A on that test they’ve been dreading and studying for, it’s okay, keep trying.

As a mom, my job is to encourage, motivate and show them that they can overcome obstacles.

Take riding a bike, for example. That’s a hard thing to learn! We’ve taught three of our four kids so far, and Allie is next. She will be losing her training wheels soon enough, and when she does, she will fall. I’ll be prepared with a “Try again, you’ve got this!” and a “I’ve seen you do so many hard things, I know you can learn to ride your bike.” She’s fallen before, and we’ve always encouraged her to get back out there after some TLC. :)

However, falling downcan scuff your spirit, not to mention your knees…

So be prepared. I know I will be.

My two favorite products to have on-hand in case of emergencies are:

  • BAND-AID® Brand SKIN-FLEX™ Adhesive Bandages because it dries almost instantly, so she can get right back onto that bike. Best of all, the bandage  lasts all day long (even through hand-washing).
  • NEOSPORIN® can be found in every bathroom of our home, and even in our kitchen! Unfortunately, Allie scars like me, but thanks to the NEOSPORIN®+ Pain, Itch, Scar, it minimized the appearance of her scars & helped with the pain and itch that accompanies healing skin. We just reapplied it every 24 hours. 

While our kids are bound to fall and get hurt from time to time, it’s up to us to be prepared. We are prepared with things to make them feel better and with the encouragement to help them get back up and try again. If you don’t try, you’ll never know if you could have done it.

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Becky Mansfield is a paid spokesperson for HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®

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