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Best Spring Break Ideas Ever


Best spring break ideas ever

It’s spring vacation. Everyone wants the heck out of Dodge. Here’s what to do.

  1. Tent near a theme park. Theme parks are obvious -- because everyone loves them! — but you can cut the costs (and extend the adventure) by camping nearby. It doesn’t have to be the big park with the ears — chances are there’s an amusement or water park with camps in the vicinity. Fill up your air mattresses and have a blast.
  2. Take the train to a national park. With more than 400 to choose from, there’s a national park somewhere near you — and in many cases the entry is free. To make the journey as much fun as the destination, hop on the train. More than 200 of the parks are accessible this way. Trade in “are we there yet” with a visit to the dining car!
  3. Visit our nation’s capital. Its wealth of museums and galleries offers plenty to keep the whole family busy for break — and admission to most is free. Washington, DC has perfect spring weather — make sure to check out the cherry blossoms on your way to monuments and museums. (Talk about national resources!)
  4. Chill out. If you don’t necessarily need it to be warm, spring break has more options. For example, the magic of modern snow-making means you can speed down the mountains — and resorts often have late-season specials. Visit a beach town off-season for a fraction of the crowds, traffic, and prices. Just remember your long johns.
  5. Turn spring break into spring training. Are you a family of sports fans? If you’re near Arizona or Florida, you’re in luck — all the Major Leaguers are there, too, getting pumped up for the upcoming baseball season. Smaller parks, cheaper seats, and way better chances of getting autographs from the heavy hitters. Play ball!
  6. Give back. There are plenty of opportunities to do some good with your time off — build a house, teach a skill, clean up a beach. Many cater to college students, but some are geared toward families. The projects take place all around the globe. You’ll come back from your vacation refreshed in a whole new way.