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Refresh Your Routine for the Back-to-School Season


August 20, 2014

From our partner, Amanda, Dude Mom

Refresh Your Routine for the Back-to-School Season

I own two businesses, parent three crazy busy Dudes, sit on the board of two PTAs, and volunteer for more than one of my children’s sports teams. Somehow I throw in walking the dog, showering, jamming food in my face, occasional house cleaning and laundry, and high fiving my husband when we pass each other in the kitchen around dinner time. Almost always with a smile.

People constantly ask me how I manage to do it all.

My answer? I don’t sleep!

Fortunately I have a few other, more useful tricks for feeling energized and making the most of each day up my sleeve.

Reenergizing Your Routine: 3 Easy Ways to Feel Good All Day Long

1) Forget the Snooze. I used to get annoyed when people would tell me I’d feel better if I slept more. Well, duh! Of course a strong 9 hours of sleep each night would up my ability to be awesome, only here’s the thing: I’m a mom. And, especially when I was a mom to small children, a full night of anything other than crying was just unlikely. I did discover a way to start my morning off better though: set my clock to the same time every day and get up when my alarm goes off. No snooze button for me. I find that I feel happier and more energetic if I don’t doze off over and over again in the morning.

2) Get Your Grub On. A few years ago I was an all-I-need-is-coffee-coffee-COFFEE kind of chick then I realized that I was turning into a GOGOGOOOOCRASH kind of chick. I replaced my loads of coffee with a sensible breakfast when I discovered that coffee jitters make you pretty unproductive because eventually you end up asleep in the car rider line at your kids’ school drooling on yourself until the crossing guard taps on your window with her stop sign. Great way to lose cool mom points.

3) Work in a work out. Even when I’m exhausted hitting the gym gives me a boost of energy to make it through the rest of my day. Even a walk around the block with the dog can do the trick.

This post is part of the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® 2014 program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, who sent a box of products and compensated for my time. Opinions, and experiences shared here are my own and I hope you enjoyed them.

5 ways to speed up your morning routine

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

One tip? Ditch the pre-work workout and do little exercises at work, like sitting on an exercise ball at your desk.