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4 Tips for Healthy Skin During Pregnancy


Tips for caring for your skin during pregnancy

By Sarah Parker Ward

Pregnant women go through many physical changes, many of which can impact their skin. While we’ve all heard of the expecting-mama glow, the reality can sometimes be a little less than ideal. As hormones fluctuate and your belly continues to expand, skin health becomes increasingly important (think pregnancy stretch marks).

Here are four easy hacks that can have a big impact on your skin today and when you return to your post-baby body.

4 Pregnancy Skin Care Tips

Drink Up: One of the biggest tips for pregnancy skin care is staying hydrated. Moms-to-be should be drinking at least ten 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day and adding an extra 1.5 cups for each hour of exercise. Fluid intake is important during pregnancy for many reasons, such as improving your skin’s elasticity.

Wash Up: Resist the urge to pick and poke blemishes, as that can lead to scarring. With pregnancy hormones in overdrive, new skincare challenges can emerge that include breakouts. With all of these internal changes, your old face wash may not still have the same impact. Instead, find a gentle cleanser to use nightly to avoid irritating your skin.

‘Block Up: Use sunscreen, regularly. This will help you avoid another skincare challenge known as “Pregnancy Mask” that affects nearly 50 percent of pregnant women. Pregnancy Mask refers to those dark melasma blemishes that result from sun exposure. These pigmentations can appear anywhere on the body and can last beyond pregnancy. The best solution? Use sunblock whenever you are in the sun for more than a few minutes. Keep a little bottle in your purse or car.  

Lather Up: Help prepare your skin – especially your breasts and belly – to stretch by keeping it well moisturized. After your shower or bath and again before bed, lather up with a moisturizing lotion. Moisturizers with oat can be particularly helpful. (Use the opportunity to take an extra three minutes to massage, focusing especially on your legs and feet which are bearing the brunt of that extra weight.) When it comes to your face, use a mild, oil-free facial lotion that moisturizes but doesn’t clog pores.

Following these four steps won’t guarantee flawless mama-to-be skin, but it will get you a lot closer to that radiant, glowing look.

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