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Developing a Morning Routine for Your Kids


from Becky Mansfield, Your Modern Family

My Morning Routine for Kids

School mornings can be hectic if you're not organized. I love to prepare the kids for a productive, successful day as much as I can the night before and use shortcuts in the morning to make our routine as seamless as possible. Whether your morning routine needs a little adjusting or you’re looking for pointers on how to get ready for school. I've found a few ways to get my family's day off to the right start. You can find a few of my top tips below that will not only make you breathe a little easier each morning, but help set your children up for a successful day and school year.

  1. Get up before your kids. Yes, this is hard (oh, trust me… this is hard!). Set your coffee maker to have your coffee ready when you walk into the kitchen and get ready to get a jump on your day! Allowing for a few minutes of downtime before everyone else is awake will help you wake up, collect your thoughts and be ready to seize the day.
  2. Have your kid’s toothbrush, toothpaste, floss picks and mouthwash ready to go! I keep all of our oral care products in a basket and pull them out every morning before the kids wake up. To keep things fun, I always try to encourage my kids to pick out a toothbrush or items that excite them.    
  3. Have their hair products downstairs. I heard a tip once that I thought was brilliant: Keep a drawer in the kitchen for hair accessories. The reason? You can fix their hair while they are eating breakfast to cut down on time!  I loved that idea!  I keep detangling spray downstairs, along with some hair bows, rubber bands and a comb.  
  4. Lotion them up before they head out of the door. This is crucial in the winter months especially, because it makes their skin so soft and it helps with our son and daughter's eczema. I also use lotion with SPF. When applying, I try to teach my kids the importance of getting in the routine of applying an SPF based lotion early on in their young lives. Whether the kids are walking to and from the bus stop or playing outside during recess, you want to make sure their skin is being protected at all times.  
  5. I try to have my children’s backpacks and folders ready and by the front door the night before school. I recommend checking everything inside the backpack and if there is anything that needs to be corrected, make sure you have it out for your kids for the morning. If not, have it ready to go, by the front door. This cuts out time wasted running around the house looking for lost materials because they will know just where to find it.
  6. Send them off with hugs, kisses and smiles. (P.S. Watch out! You just might have an unhappy baby sister when she realizes that her three big brothers are leaving.) Most importantly, end your morning a positive note so your children can arrive to school feeling motivated, happy and ready to learn.