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Have a Gassy Baby? Here Are 5 Tips to Help Them Feel Better!


From  EverydayFamily

There’s nothing harder for parents than seeing their baby in pain and not being able to help. Gas pain is common in newborns and young infants. However, it can be very painful and cause long bouts of crying and fussiness. So, if you have a gassy baby, check out the tips below to help them feel better!

gassy baby

1. Determine if gas is the issue

It can be tough to tell what the trouble is when a baby starts to cry. A hungry, tired, or cranky baby might cry or fuss. But a gassy baby will often have a tummy that’s harder than normal or tight to the touch. Also, the baby may pump her legs upward and downwards and squirm in your arms. You’ll be able to tell if gas is the issue if you try the relief measures below and your baby starts to feel better.

2. Prevent it from occurring in the first place

Due to their round-the-clock eating and immature digestive systems, all babies have gas. So, if your gassy baby seems to be struggling, try making sure he’s more upright and flat during feedings. For a bottle fed baby, check that you’re not letting extra air into the nipple as he feeds. If you’re breastfeeding, take note of your diet on days that your baby seems extra gassy and eliminate or reduce foods that may be causing trouble.

3. Elevate their bottom

If your gassy baby is fussing and having trouble passing gas, try resting her tummy down with her bottom in the air. Make sure your baby is never left unattended while she’s on her tummy. Try gently rubbing her back to soothe her and help her pass gas.

4. Bicycle their legs

If tummy lying doesn’t seem to help, gently place your gassy baby on his back and pump his legs in a rotating motion (as if he’s riding a bicycle). Often moving your baby’s body in this way helps him find relief.

5. Try gas drops

If your gassy baby seems to be in pain, consider giving her over the counter gas drops. As you do anytime you plan to give your baby medicine, you should consult with a doctor or pharmacist. This will help you find the medicine that will work best for your baby.

Have you had a gassy baby? If so, what helped?


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