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5 Ways to Help Your Toddler Cope with a Move


From EverydayFamily

Moving is a stressful experience for most adults. And, while kids aren’t the ones packing, unpacking, or making the big decisions, packing up and starting somewhere new is tough for them as well. Check out the five tips below to help your toddler cope with a move and minimize the stress of the experience!

Prepping toddlers for a big move

Give them notice
If you know in advance that you’re going to move, talk about it with your toddler. They may not exactly understand what’s going on or why you’re heading somewhere new. But planting the seed in their mind in advance can help them feel more at ease when the big day comes.

Explain the process
Most toddlers and young children don’t understand what “moving” means. They often have big misconceptions like that they’ll be taking your living space with you or that they’ll have to leave all their toys behind. Explain to your little one where you’re going and what possessions will come and what will stay when you go.

Let them help!
As the big day approaches, involve your little one in the process. If you’re purchasing a new house let them tag along to open houses or to tour your new place. If you moving across town, drive them through your new neighborhood. As you pack, give them a box or two and task them with packing up their possessions.

Keep their room as similar as possible
When you get to your new place do your best to set their room or space up similar to how it was at your old place. Put up the same pictures on the wall and organize toys in the same way. This can bring little ones a great deal of comfort.

Maintain routines
Do your best to maintain your regular routines through your move. Can you go to the same parks or library as you did before? Can you toddler attend the same preschool or day care program? Strive for consistency through your move to reduce stress for your little one.

Good luck with your moves, families! Do you have any tips for us on making a move less stressful for toddlers or children?


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