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Earth Month "Greener" Bathroom Hacks


Danny Seo bathroom green hacks

In honor of Earth Month, green living expert, and Care To Recycle® spokesperson, Danny Seo shares some of his favorite hacks for making your personal care routine a little more ‘sustainable chic.’

1. Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind.

Bathroom recycling bin

A common barrier to recycling in the bathroom is lack of a recycling bin in that room. In fact, most homes only have recycling bins in the kitchens or garages. One of Danny’s favorite ways to encourage recycling in the bathroom is to conceal plastic bins inside stylish baskets. “I look for inexpensive recycling bins and find baskets at the store so that the bins fit snugly inside.” If your bathroom has the space, designate one bin for extra storage (rolls of toilet paper or extra towels) and the other for recyclables.

2. Save the Soap!

Netted soap saver

“I love a good bar of soap, but making them last longer in the shower has always been a challenge,” says Danny. One hack he loves is called a soap saver – a nylon mesh pouch that holds the soap and creates a lather in the shower. The nylon exterior can act as a miniature loofah to exfoliate the skin, turning every shower into a DIY spa experience. You can also throw slivers of soap into the pouch to use up every last piece.

3. Make Up with your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes

“Through my job, I work with a lot of celebrities and some big-name makeup artists. I’ve always been amazed by the number of different brushes that are used when applying makeup.” What Danny has also learned from these artists is that makeup brushes need to be cared for over time. One trick is to massage the ends of the brushes with olive oil to help revive the bristles, and then use a gentle shampoo like JOHNSON’S® baby HEAD-TO-TOE® wash to give them a thorough cleaning. Afterwards, your makeup brushes will be like new and you’ll soon have the tools to get that red carpet look.

4. Store it Upside Down

Upside down bottle

Danny likes to use gravity to his advantage in order to get every last drop of shampoo and conditioner out of every single bottle. The best way to do this? “Look for shower caddies that feature a way to store the bottle upside down,” says Danny. When the bottle is empty, it’s really empty, so you can give it a quick rinse and toss it into the recycling bin.  Easy peasy!

5. Good to the Last Drop

Lotion coupler

Did you know that up to 25 percent of beauty products (think lip gloss and foundation) go unused because it can be nearly impossible to get out every drop from the bottle? “Silicon spatulas work with the curves of the bottle to literally get every last drop out,” explains Danny. The spatulas are pretty inexpensive and pay for themselves in no time. Danny suggests also looking for special connectors that let you couple a nearly empty bottle of shampoo, conditioner or lotion with another: The connector creates a secure attachment so one bottle can empty right into the other. Of course, be sure to recycle the empty one when you’re done!

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Some images courtesy of The Container Store®

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