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6 DIY Stocking Stuffers for Kids


Save the ‘big-ticket” gifts for under the tree; Christmas stockings are all about the small and unexpected. This year, go for do-it-yourself stocking stuffers that your kids will love getting -- and you’ll love giving.

6 DIY Stocking Suffers for Kids

1. The Write Stuff

Budding writers will appreciate a mini origami notebook so they can collect their thoughts. Throw in a snazzy pencil — using paint, decals, craft tape, or a hot glue gun, you can turn any ordinary writing utensil into a personalized treasure.

2. Reading Corner

Personalized bookmarks inspire even reluctant readers to crack open a book. Laminating photos or ticket stubs from a favorite trip or sporting event will put a smile on their faces.

3. Spa Day

Felting a bar of soap is beautiful and practical — no washcloths needed. With wool, hot water, and a little patience, your soap will have its gift wrapping built in. Bonus: Your little ones will enjoy washing their hands with new vigor!

4. Fashionista Finery

Upcycle common household objects into one-of-a-kind jewelry — you’ll never believe how you can transcend two paper clips and a few bottlecaps!

5. Zookeepers

Have kids who can’t get enough stuffed animals in their lives? Between a cottony-soft cotton ball bunny, a honey of a bear vase, and a sock puppet pup, animal lovers will have plenty of love in their stockings.

6. Give the Gift of Healing

Boo-boos are no fun, but they happen. Slip a fun box of BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages into your kids’ stocking featuring his or her favorite animated movie characters. The packages are so bright and colorful you won’t even need to wrap them!