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Make Going to Bed Fun for Kids with this Countdown Checklist


By Sarah Parker Ward

When it comes to keeping your little ones healthy, getting a good night's rest is near the top of the priority list! Print out our handy checklist (you can download it here) to get your kid involved with their nighttime routine, and help them master the steps that will give them, and you, a more peaceful sleep.

Bed Time Routine Checklist

Are They Getting Enough Zzz’s?

“We have to recognize that anything that’s stressing the child’s body is making them more susceptible to illness,” says pediatrician Dr. Emanuel Cirenza, “I always emphasize that the child is hydrated, well nourished, and really getting an adequate amount of sleep.”

Optimal sleep time is:
Newborns: 16-18 hours
1-4 years old: 11-12 hours
5-12: At least 10 hours
13+: 9-10 hours