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Prepping Kids, and Yourself, with Back-to-School Tips



By Jenell B. Stewart, KinkyCurlyCoilyMe

My son, Joel, is starting Pre-K, which means he’ll be leaving the nest for hours a day to play, learn, read and write. Joel is very ready, and I’m excited – but am I ready?

Uhhh... YES! I don’t mean to brag, but I’m the ultimate planner. One of my favorite quotes is “proper planning prevents poor performance,” and I totally live this way. Often when you hear “back to school” the first reaction is Panic! Stress! Mayhem! That’s not me.

So how will I prepare? I’ll walk you through the steps.

Establishing a Bedtime Routine for School: Joel doesn’t even know what back-to-school is, but since he’s already arguing “how is it bed time when the sun is still up?”, I know I have my work cut out for me to put him on a sleep schedule for school. I know that preschoolers need 11-13 hours of sleep, so a few weeks before school starts I will implement an earlier bedtime schedule than he is used to. It won’t be easy, but I’ve got it planned out: I know what time I want him to go to sleep, and I start the routine two hours before that. First, he takes his bath, then he brushes his teeth – yes, he’s doing it on his own already! I let Joel play for an hour right after his bath and then I read him a bedtime story, have him say his prayers, then I give him kisses, tell him I love him and tuck him into bed. By this time there is about 30 minutes before he needs to be into bed. Trust me, this amount of time is needed for him to just lay in bed doing nothing.

Updating My Morning Routine for School: An earlier bedtime for Joel is also going to mean an earlier wake up time for both of us. *Insert wide-eyed emoji here* My son already wakes up before the rooster crows as it is, can you imagine if he’s going to bed any earlier? I’m going to be a walking zombie, or worse, a MOMSTER. But again, I’ve got a plan. I’ll be more consistent with my AVEENO® POSITIVELY AGELESS® Reconditioning Night Cream, so I can wake up with more vibrant skin on even less rest. And so I don’t wake up afraid to look in the mirror, I always wash my face at night with a gentle cleanser and rehydrate my skin with a daily night cream before getting some shut-eye. In the morning, I like to wash my face again with a gentle cleanser and moisturize my face once more with a cream that has at least SPF15.

Stocking Up Smartly: I hate shopping during back-to-school season, but I’m going to shop smart, not hard. I sign up for all the newsletters to every store that I frequent so that I can get all of the latest and best deals. That includes everything from clothing and school supplies, to food and even furniture. The less I can shop at the store the better. And I’m doing it now; I won’t be waiting until the week before school starts to get my shopping done. And I suggest you do the same! Because remember: “Proper planning prevents poor performance.”


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