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Tips For Finger Painting With Baby (And How To Clean Up Afterwards)


By Maria Sierra, La Cooquette. Maria Sierra is a paid spokesperson for HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®

Maria Siera and baby after finger painting

A baby’s life is mindboggingly intriguing: Imagine discovering new things every single hour! And you can encourage that development by creating sensorial activities that enhance and reaffirm these discoveries. Our baby girl is increasingly excited about the world so we try to find different activities for her to satiate that thirst for knowledge. We try to vary our games, as her patience only lasts so long; as soon as something else catches her eye, her curiosity quickly shifts onward to the next thing.

That’s why it’s always handy to have a special activity planned from time to time, one that will hopefully meet the expectations of her endless sense of wonder. So, this summer we tried finger painting with baby! It got a  a tad messy, but it was worth it. Here’s how we did it.

1. Tips for Getting Set Up

We laid a blanket on the grass, then laid paper on top of the blanket. Next: the paint. There are different paints for different ages; Isabelita is almost 8 months now, so she chose a non-toxic finger paint for babies because our bundle of joy is liable to get some in her eyes and mouth (more on that later!). Another option is making edible finger paint you can easily create at home with a few basic ingredients: potato flakes or rice cereal as a base, mixed with organic natural food coloring to create a fun palette.

2. Helping Baby Finger Paint!

Baby finger painting outside

I squeezed a bit of paint out of each of the four tubes onto the paper, and named each color as I let it out: “Yellow!,” “Blue!,” “Red!,” “Green!” Isabelita immediately went for the big splash of paint and smirked with delight. She didn’t know what to make of it, so I helped by tracing strokes with her hands. Right away she started imitating my motions on the paper and analyzed the mess in her hands with unwavering focus. But then, she started getting confused. She hadn’t taken her nap, and after ten minutes, little Isa decided she’d had enough of that weird slimy substance in her hands - no matter how colorful! But hey, 10 minutes of fun! As for me, I learned my lesson: always have the baby well fed and rested before big activities like this!

Remember to keep an eye on them the whole time, especially kids Isa’s age, who are still in the “mouthing stage,” during which they learn by bringing items and everything they can find to their mouths. And they can do so in the blink of an eye, so never leave baby unattended while finger painting!

3. Tips for Cleaning Up

Maria Sierra using Johnson’s® baby products to clean her baby after finger painting

After a fun morning, we had a finger painting masterpiece – and a master mess. Luckily, Isa loves bath time so even though she was tired and slightly cranky from painting, she lit up as soon as she saw her rubber-duck bathtub. Nothing like a warm bath to mellow her spirit! I tend to have a toy for her to play with and start bathub by washing her hair, using Johnson’s® Baby Shampoo. Sometimes, when we don’t have much time for her baths, I like using Johnson’s® Head-To-Toe® Wash and Shampoo because it saves me a couple of minutes. It’s mild and great for Isa’s sensitive skin. Of course, it’s very helpful that everything  has the No More Tears® formula, since Isa still can’t understand when I shout “water coming, watch out!”
Johnson’s® baby lotion, baby wash and baby shampoo

After her bath, we rubbed on Johnson’s® Baby Lotion, which has been a favorite in my household for over 10 years – because I like it for my own skin, too! I love the new bottle, and the inclusion of coconut oil, which adds smoothness!

Right after getting her dressed, Isabelita took an especially long nap, probably dreaming up her next abstract work of art. Safe to say that this was a successful and relaxing activity for both baby and parents!

Maria Sierra is a paid spokesperson for HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®

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