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The 4 Stages of Your Child's Dental Development


From the day your child is born until the day they fly the coop, you'll be working with them to help them maintain good oral health.

Here are the four key phases your little one will go through as their teeth develop:

  • Phase 1: Baby teething. To soothe your baby’s gums, try freezing yogurt onto a washcloth for 15 minutes and let your baby chew on it. Teething pain relief in minutes.
  • Phase 2: Teaching your kids to brush their teeth. Try using a colorful toothbrush to keep them engaged.
  • Phase 3: Secondary teeth or “permanent teeth.” These come in around age 6 and these teeth can be supported and strengthened by a healthy diet.
  • Phase 4: Wisdom teeth and/or braces. This phase is the period of time to give your teeth extra care to protect them from decay.


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