Caring for a Healthy Future

Our Caring
  • Make Recycling Easier

    We know that recycling in the bathroom can take some effort. That's why we've created some free tools that can help make it more convenient for your family. 

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  • It’s in All of Our Hands

    See how employees across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies help contribute to a more sustainable future.

  • Do You Recycle in the Bathroom?

    Recycling is second nature in the kitchen, but what about the rest of the house? See how the smallest room in your house can actually make a big difference to the planet.

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  • Recycling Material. Reshaping Lives.

    See how our Project Phoenix is helping to recycle materials and reshape lives with the recycling cooperative, Futura, in São José dos Campos, Brazil.

  • Take a Photo, Make a Difference

    See how Johnson & Johnson is putting your pictures to good use. For every photo you share with The Donate a Photo app, we’ll give $1 to a cause you care about.*†

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  • Kiss Waste Goodbye


    Our Employees bring to life an idea to create art with lipstick tubes destined for landfill. Watch them kiss waste goodbye.


    For over 125 years, we’ve been caring for a healthy future for you, the ones you love and the world we all share. To learn more about how we bring this commitment to life, see our stories below.

J&J and LGBT Advocates Taking on Bullying
Respect and Equality for All

Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies has partnered with LGBT advocates to take on bullying and other issues that impact our youth.

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Global Moms Relay: Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to help
See What a Dollar Can Do

Ready to join the Global Moms Relay? Each time you share a story of a mother around the world, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to help moms and babies.

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BAND-AID® Brand donates to Team Red, White & Blue
Support Our Veterans

BAND-AID® Brand will make a donation to Team Red, White & Blue for each box of OUR VETERAN HEROES BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages that's sold.

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History of Caring
Our History and Aspirations

Explore the history of Johnson & Johnson's sustainability efforts since the 1900s.

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Caring Earthwards
Improving Product Sustainability with EARTHWARDS®

EARTHWARDS® is our process for developing and marketing more sustainable products. 

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Meet the Visionary Winners
Meet the Visionary Winners

This year's VISINE® STUDENTS WITH VISION Scholarship program are here. Get to know them and see how they share unique visions and ambitions.

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Join Girl Up!
Join Girl Up!

The CLEAN & CLEAR® Brand has partnered with Girl Up, a United Nation charity, that works to empower girls in the US and developing countries to become the next generation of world leaders.

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Sustainable Palm Oil
Sustainable Palm Oil

Johnson & Johnson has a goal to source all of its ingredients that are derived from palm oil, from certified sustainable sources of palm oil by year-end 2015.

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NEUTROGENA® Naturals and the Nature Conservancy
The Good Clean

The NEUTROGENA® Brand wants do more than just clean your skin. For every NEUTROGENA® Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser purchased during the month of October, 10% of the price* will be donated to the Nature Conservancy to support their water conservation efforts. 
*up to $50,000 

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Safety and Care Committment
Safety and Care Commitment

Learn more about the safety process behind our products, the care that goes into our ingredient selection and our decision-making.

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Most Caring Acts from Children
Care in Action

The greatest gift you give your child is care. But did you ever wonder what caring looks like through the eyes of kids? Watch these inspirational videos and see. 

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Andie MacDowell & Donations to from Tylenol

Join Andie MacDowell and her daughter in honoring a source of strength in your life. Learn how TYLENOL® is supporting to strengthen our next generation of leaders. 

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Moms: help is just one text away
Moms: Help is Just One Text Away

Get support throughout your pregnancy and your baby’s first year with free text messages on topics like prenatal care, baby health, parenting & more!

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Bathroom Products that you can Recycle
Let Us Help You Recycle

Not sure where to dispose of electronics, batteries, or hazardous materials? Just type your zip code into our search box to find a facility near you. 

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Get even more tips and facts on what & where to recycle.

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We're there in Moments of Need
We're There in Moments of Need

We've teamed up with Save the Children to bring moments of joy to families, especially during times of difficulty and disaster.

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Johnson & Johnson Donate a Photo App
Take a Photo, Make a Difference

Say cheese and Johnson & Johnson will do something good with your picture. For every photo you share with The Donate a Photo app, we’ll give $1 to a cause you care about.†

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FIFA World Cup - Care Inspires Care
Care Can Change the World

Get inspired, and join us by sharing your stories and tracking your global caring impact. Together we can make the planet a healthier and more caring place. 

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Our Committment
Our Commitment to Women and Children Around the World

From helping babies take their first breath of life to freeing women from the devastating isolation of obstetric fistula, our partners are the pillars of our philanthropic work.

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Neutrogena Naturals
NEUTROGENA® Naturals Green Server – Making a Difference

We are committed, inside and out. Our journey toward sustainability starts by making NEUTROGENA® Naturals products the best that we can for you and making packaging choices that are better for the planet.

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Splenda Sugar Swap Recipes

What's your favorite way to swap full sugar for SPLENDA® Sweetener Products? Share your best ideas with us.

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Tylenol Smiling It Forward Children's Health Fund Donation

Join TYLENOL® in 

SMILING IT FORWARD. Learn how TYLENOL® is supporting Children's Health Fund to help children in need get access to healthcare.

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